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old mandate process
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A customer who had to automate recurring payments would have to do so manually or by issuing the Mandate. A Mandate is an order that an individual or business issues to the bank to automatically debit a certain amount of money periodically.

In the past, automating payments with the Mandate would involve the following process:

Mandate - The Manual Process

The bank or the company would collect a physical form signed by the customer. This form validates the customer's agreement toward a specified sum getting deducted from their active bank account.

The form is then sent to the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) where a Unique Mandate Reference Number (UMRN) is created. This number is further sent to the customer's bank which will then proceed to automate your payments. The entire exercise would require about a month's time to be completed. If there is a disparity in the documents or a mismatch in the physical signature on the documents submitted, the duration to complete the process could easily be extended.

Worried man
time is money

And, time is money! You agree , don't you?

With eNACH, your customers no longer have to wait for over 45 or more working days to automate their recurring payments. At the most, it takes about 2 working days to initiate direct debits from your customer's bank account

eMandate/eNACH - The Digital Process

This simplified digital process starts with the user eSigning the eMandate/eNACH form. The eMandate is then processed to the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Upon review by the NPCI, the document is directed to the Destination Bank which then decides to either approve or deny the eNACH facility to the individual or organization. The advantages of the eMandate include:

easy automation
Inside circle
user friendly
seamless payment with enach
free from fraud

Easy Automation
The eMandate process takes very little time. It only takes 2 days to automate the process while a physical mandate would require a minimum of 45 days.

Use eNACH to Get Faster Payments

Help your customers make recurring payments quickly with SignDesk.com's document workflow management. All you have to do is get your customers to eSign the eNACH form and you're good to go!

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