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“Digitizing and integrating Sign Desk’s e-sign and e-stamp technology into our workflow has enabled the complete automation of the loan kit and supporting documents. This has significantly reduced the turnaround time (TAT) for loan sanction and disbursement, offering a more customer-centric approach. Now, our customers can e-sign at their convenience, at any time of the day. Sign Desk’s solution has decreased our TAT by almost 20% to 30%, and enhanced critical steps of the process, such as document franking through e-stamping”

Dominic Vijay
Chief Technology Officer
ART Housing Finance (India) Limited

Dominic Vijay
Chief Technology Officer
ART Housing Finance (India) Limited

The Client

ART Housing Finance (India) Limited is a Housing Finance Company focused on providing long-term housing loans to low-income and middle-income customers in urban and semi-urban India. Committed to making home ownership accessible, they prioritize leveraging technology and innovation to enhance their services.

The Challenge

ART Housing Finance Limited faced challenges in achieving operational efficiency in home loan disbursement. These challenges hindered customer experiences, increased operating costs, and added complexities to the loan processing journey.

Prolonged Processing Times

ART Housing Finance required several days to disburse loans, which caused dissatisfaction among applicants and made it challenging to remain competitive.

High Operational Costs

Paper - based loan disbursement resulted in significant operational costs, which included stamp paper procurement, document management, and storage expenses.

Multi-Page Attestation

Applicants were required to sign every page of the loan agreement and accompanying documentation in person, which caused inconvenience and delays.

Mismatched Signatures

Traditional wet signatures were at risk of mismatches and hampered document integrity. Signature discrepancies delayed verification, which caused delays in loan disbursement.

Co-Applicant Signature Delays

Coordinating signatures from multiple co-applicants introduced significant delays and complexities in loan approval, affecting the customer experience.

The Solution

SignDesk offered two loan workflow digitization solutions to enable ART Housing Finance enhance the speed and efficiency of the home loan disbursement process.

Digital Stamping

Switching to e-stamping expedited stamp paper procurement, allowing the firm to pre-order stamp papers in bulk and manage the workflow efficiently on an intuitive dashboard.

Electronic Signatures

ART Housing Finance was able to simplify the loan agreement signing process with secure e-signatures that were beneficial for multi-party signing, prevented discrepancies, and sped up loan disbursement.

ART Housing Finance (India) Limited Enables Quick & Easy Home Loans

Adopting SignDesk’s Aadhaar e-sign and e-stamping solutions brought about a remarkable transformation in ART Housing Finance (India) Limited’s loan workflows. After loan agreements were eStamped, they could be instantly pushed for E-Signatures, allowing applicants to complete the signing process online.

This significant change substantially accelerated the loan approval and disbursement process, granting customers faster access to the funds essential for home construction and purchases.

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