Streamline Your Business Documentation Workflow Using eSign

  • Sign documents from anywhere, at any time
  • Speed up the process of documentation
  • Simplify paperwork & eliminate manual intervention
  • Sign documents in bulk

How Our eSign Workflow Benefits
Different Business Documentation Processes?

The following process can be eased with an eSign workflow solution

Human Resource Processes

Human Resource Departments in every company have the need to create contracts on a daily basis. Signatures are a necessity in Human Resource processes like creating employee onboarding contracts, reference consents, enrollment forms and communications, relieving and settlement letters,suspension and termination orders, NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements), etc.

With SignDesk’s eSign workflow, these processes can be digitised thereby saving the organisation’s resources and improving overall efficiency.


Loan Documentation Processes

In the Banking, Fintech, and NBFC industries, there is a huge requirement for signatures in loan documentation processes. Numerous documents like sanction letters, consent forms, mandate forms, and agreements, need to be signed by the applicants.

With SignDesk’s eSign workflow, applicants can be invited to sign forms electronically. Documents can also be signed in bulk internally using the USB Token based signature solution.


Business/Vendor Onboarding Processes

Industries like FMCGs are highly dependant on vendor services and have a huge requirement to enter vendor contracts. Executing multiple contracts every month in a physical form is a tedious process. The contract will have to be couriered to all the parties involved in the transaction for their signatures. This process could take days, if not weeks especially when there are multiple parties involved in the transaction.

With SignDesk’s eSign workflow, the contract can be signed within a day even if there are multiple parties involved in the transaction.


Insurance Documentation Processes

In the Insurance industry, signatures are a vital part in executing processes like issuing new insurance policies, policy changes and maintenance, signing contracts and agreements, claims processing, agent appointment and licensing, etc. Physically signing numerous documents on a daily basis is irksome and time-consuming, thus slowing down the speed of processes.

With SignDesk’s eSign workflow and USB Token based signatures, documentation is seamless. Documents can be stored securely, retrieved easily and signed in bulk.


eSign - The Digital Process

The eSign process involves the initiator, signer and the document that is required to be signed. The entire process can be completed in under 10 minutes.

Digitally sign any number of documents from anywhere

Features of eSign Workflow


Easy Automation

eSign documents from anywhere, at any time within a few minutes.

Secure Transactions

Eliminate the risk of data loss & leakage by sharing documents directly to the signer’s email address.

Easy Automation

Search and retrieve documents with ease through the website’s dashboard.

Legally Valid

Electronic signatures are validated by the IT Act, 2000 for most documents* .

Switch to eSign & Close Agreements Faster

Help your customers make signatures quickly with– SignDesk’s document workflow management solution. All you have to do is invite your customers to sign the document using our eSign workflow or bulk sign documents using the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

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