What is VBIP?

Video-based Identification Procedure or VBIP is a real-time, seamless, and end-to-end encrypted process for identification & paperless KYC verification. This alternative video-based KYC procedure is carried out by the insurer or an official authorized by the insurer & trained for face-to-face VBIP. The process involves

  • Aadhaar authentication or eSigning OVDs for identity verification
  • Questionnaire-based audio-visual interaction
  • Image capture & data extraction
  • Facial matching & KYC validation

Seamless & Contact-less Insurance Onboarding Using Video KYC


IRDAI-compliant VBIP Solution

Our video KYC solution allows insurers to verify and onboard customers using VBIP-enabled workflows that adhere completely to IRDAI regulations and Aadhaar e-signatures that comply with the IT Act (2000).


Onboard Digitally, Verify Instantly & KYC The Benefits!

  • Streamlined & cost-effective KYC verification
    AI & ML-enabled video KYC that reduces onboarding costs by 90% by automating KYC workflows & digitizing insurance documentation
  • Instant & remote insurance onboarding
    A video-based upgrade to manual KYC and document verification resulting in a TAT reduction of 99%
  • Customizable with configurable documents
    Flexible & enterprise-ready document verification solution supporting all OVDs
  • Contact-less & paperless video KYC
    Completely digital video-based KYC clears away the paperwork and removes the need for physical presence, increasing efficiency by 20% and ensuring zero physical contact
  • IRDAI-compliant identity verification
    VBIP-enabled video-based KYC verification that’s completely compliant with IRDAI regulations
  • End-to-end & anti-fraud solution
    Online & offline Aadhaar authentication, Aadhaar eSign & seamless video KYC integration with ML-powered fraud filters make for a complete & secure solution
  • Customer-centric onboarding
    AI-powered validation & intuitive dashboard help customers sail smoothly through the onboarding process with 20% fewer KYC drop-offs

Are you ready to watch your TAT go from days to minutes?

Highlights of SignDesk’s VBIP Solution


Video KYC for the Insurance Sector

Insurers need to verify several documents, confirm identities, and complete long KYC procedures to onboard customers. This results in long waiting times, excessive paperwork & several customers leaving the onboarding process unfinished.

SignDesk provides an intuitive and customer-friendly onboarding experience by leveraging the latest ML techniques and secure Aadhaar e-signatures, so your insurance company can use VBIP-enabled Video KYC to onboard quickly & cost-effectively. Your customers can now complete KYC verification within minutes & with zero physical interactions.