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Contract Execution Takes Weeks Without a CLM System!

Business teams without contract automation tools take several days to get a contract drafted and signed, leading to stagnation and inefficiency.

Drafting a contract:

1-2 days

Approving a contract:

1-2 days

Negotiating a contract:

4-6 weeks

Obtaining signatures:

5-10 days


All-in-One Smart Contract Management Software

SignDesk’s CLM is not just limited to drafting and executing contracts, but also enables instant online negotiation on clauses in real-time, contract approvals, eSigning and eStamping

  • Online Negotiation - Negotiate terms and clauses on contracts in real-time, online
  • Tokenization - Reserve space to the concerned party enabling them to edit, and add details
  • Clause Locking - Define non-negotiable clauses & prevent editing
  • Digital Stamping and Aadhaar Signatures - Stamp documents online and eSign with Aadhaar
Accelerate Contracts and Save 90% of the Time Creating & Executing With Minimal Administrative Cost

SignDesk’s CLM Software Reduces TAT

The easy-to-use and simple workflow process is convenient, quick, and efficient.



Use templates, draft options or upload a contract



Negotiate online in real-time & get contracts approved



Send contracts to multiple stakeholders for eSignatures



Store contracts centrally and track performance



Receive alerts for contract expiry & renewal

Features of Our Contract Lifecycle Management Software

SignDesk’s AI-enabled contract management platform offers all the features businesses need to streamline their contracts, speed up the contract process, and boost productivity
Online Negotiation
Clause Locking
User Role Management
eSign & eStamp Integration
Clause Libraries
Client Profile Creation
Contract Repository
Renewal & Expiry Details
Company Profile Creation
Ready Templates
Audit Trails & Activity Logs

Why SignDesk’s Smart CLM ?

Our AI-powered contract management system provides the flexibility and customization options that other CLM solutions lack

Zero chances of missing deadlines
Reduce TAT by 90%
70-80% improved efficiency
Fully automated document execution
Total transparency & enhanced productivity
Up to 85% reduction in expenses
60% improvement in audit efficiency
Tamper-proof & secure without duplications
22,000 hours saved annually

End-to-End Contract Management System

Template and Clause Libraries
Contract Repository
eSign and eStamp

Template & Clause Libraries

  • Readily available clauses in the library
  • Range of specific clause types
  • Secure the clause through locking

Contract Repository

  • Store & manage contracts efficiently
  • Status-wise contract categorization
  • Renewal & PDF download options

eSign and eStamp

  • Invite parties to eSign via email
  • Digitally stamp the document instantly
  • Sign contracts online

We Are Committed to Ensuring High Security & Compliance

  • ISO & GDPR - All of SignDesk's products are ISO 9001 & 27001 certified and compliant with GDPR regulations.
  • Data Encryption - All client data is hosted securely and servers are encrypted both at rest & in transit. Client access to data is role-based and all data is deleted by default after it's been processed.

CLM Integration


Frequently Asked Questions

You can compose the contract, or use readily available industry and purpose-specific templates and add the clause available from the clause library. If you already have an existing contract or agreement, you can directly upload it and invite parties to sign it in our Contract Lifecycle Management software.

In our CLM software, contracts are sorted automatically as you draft, negotiate, and execute them. You can also manually sort the contracts by setting an expiration and renewal date in the calendar. You can also view the contracts categorised under different statuses on CONTRA.CT's dashboard.

SignDesk's Contract Lifecycle Management software allows you to select available clauses from a range of options available in the clause library. If you are drafting the contract and need to add a clause, click on the plus sign on the right side of the document and select clause from the features menu.

You can create a clause by selecting the clause library from the features menu while drafting the contract. A section will open on the right side with a plus sign at the top. When you click on that, a small tab will appear and you can type the clause here. Once done, click add.

Yes, any agreements documents that are nearing the expiration date can be renewed using the calendar in the dashboard of SignDesk's CONTR.ACT software.

Yes, you can. In SignDesk's CLM software, you can assign specific roles to the parties such as options to edit, collaborate, approve, suggest, sign, etc. The parties can not deviate from the role assigned to them or undertake any other action. That way, your contract is safe against unauthorised use.

You can add your organisation details in your profile and the logo while drafting the document. Select from the icon on the left side of the document and upload the logo from your computer. SignDesk's Contract Lifecycle Management Software also provides an option to directly choose the logo from a list of company logos. The logo will then be visible at the top left corner. You also have an option to upload the company logo in your profile settings.

On SignDesk’s CLM dashboard, go to the repository and view contracts stored under different statuses. Important information like the type of document, execution date, and internal POC are mentioned in separate columns.

Execute contracts in a smart way!