What is VCIP?

Video-based Customer Identification Procedure or V-CIP is a seamless, real-time, and end-to-end encrypted procedure envisaged by RBI for digital customer identification and paperless KYC verification. This alternative video-based process is carried out by banks or other Regulated Entities (REs) through an official trained for face-to-face V-CIP. The process involves

  • Online or offline Aadhaar verification for banks & other REs
  • Question-based audio-visual interaction
  • PAN image & live photo capture
  • Image data validation & facial matching
  • Geo-tagging to determine customer location

Fully automated customer onboarding & video KYC verification


Experience the AI-powered frontier of Online Video KYC verification

  • Cost-effective KYC verification at incredible speeds
    Utilizes cutting-edge OCR, data extraction & verification techniques to deliver a customer onboarding product that steps hard on the gas but is light on your wallet
  • Cutting-edge AI
    Employs state-of-the-art ML techniques and smart AI to instantly spot fake IDs, predict your compliance requirements, and verify KYC documents
  • Geared to impress with VCIP
    Boasts an attractive and intuitive UI that ensures your customers sail smoothly through the VCIP-enabled onboarding process with zero drop-offs
  • Industry-grade security
    Robust liveness checks and anti-fraud filters deter any potential scammers and enterprise-level client data security protects your customers’ information
  • End-to-end solution
    Zero add ons, no third parties, and no fat. A lightweight and self-contained onboarding solution that fits Video KYC into your digital channels
  • Assured compliance
    Automated compliance and risk management technology ensures compliance, our smart notification and workflow management system leaves a virtual paper trail so you never miss anything
  • Paper-free KYC
    Physical KYC verification is a drain on your efficiency and results in excessive costs. Our completely digital Video KYC verification solution utilizes VCIP to clear away the paper and pave the way for you to reach the top.

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Highlights of SignDesk’s Video KYC Solution


Industry Use Cases

VCIP-Banks Banking & Finance

Banks & other financial institutions spend weeks to onboard a single customer and shell out millions for KYC checks and compliance requirements.

SignDesk’s digital customer onboarding solution cuts onboarding costs by 90% and uses VCIP to provide a single, compliant, and fraud-free platform that takes your customers through the Video KYC process smoothly. All your customers need to take out a loan or open an account is a phone with an internet connection.

Video-KYC-insurance Insurance

Insurance companies need to verify several documents, confirm identities, and complete long KYC procedures to onboard customers. This results in long waiting times and several customers leaving the onboarding process unfinished.

SignDesk provides your customers with an intuitive and friendly onboarding experience by leveraging the latest in ML techniques and secure e-signatures with an acute legal understanding, so your insurance company can onboard customers quickly using Video KYC and meet all their needs.

video-kyc-mutual-funds Securities & mutual funds

Regulated intermediaries take an inordinate amount of time to onboard and verify investors. This process is further complicated by document verification and KYC checks.

SignDesk offers an efficient and cost-effective way for intermediaries to onboard investors using SEBI-compliant video-based verification. Our Video KYC solution is quick, lightweight, and ensures onboarding with zero drop-offs.

Video-KYC-HR HR consultancies

Both companies and HR consultancies require an expedient and attractive employee-centric onboarding solution to give new employees a welcoming first experience.

Our customizable employee onboarding product ensures that your company makes the perfect first impression on new employees using VCIP, priming them for a long and productive relationship with your company.

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