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Creating Contracts The Manual Way

The entire process takes around a week or sometimes even longer if there are multiple signatories involved in the agreement. This time-consuming and tedious process is crucial in making documents legally valid. If not, the document will not be considered as evidence in the court of law in the case of a breach in the terms.

The Manual process was a time-consuming and tedious process
  • Multiple rounds of manually reviewing the Agreement by parties
  • Manually acquire Stamp Paper and print the document on it
  • Sign the document using ink
  • Courier the document to all the signatories
  • Send a copy of the signed contract to the stakeholders

How Transforms Documentation Processes in Various Industries?

With the help of a digital stamping and an eSign workflow solution, documentation of contracts and
agreements becomes easier. The following processes can be streamlined using

Vendor Onboarding Processes

Industries like FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) are highly dependant on vendor services and have a huge requirement to enter vendor contracts. Executing multiple contracts every month in a physical form is a tedious process. The contract will have to be printed on Stamp Paper, signed and then couriered to all the parties involved in the transaction for their signatures. This process could take days, if not weeks especially when there are multiple parties involved in the transaction.

With SignDesk’s Digital Stamping and eSign Workflow solution, the contract can be executed within a day even if there are multiple parties involved in the transaction.

Loan Documentation Processes

In the Banking, Fintech, and NBFC industries, loan documentation constitutes as a major chunk of the documentation processes. There is a requirement for Stamp Duty to be paid on all loan agreements. Additionally, there is a huge requirement of signatures for documents like sanction letters, consent forms, mandate forms, etc, that need to be signed.

With, Stamp Duty on loan agreements can be paid online and other documents can be signed in bulk using the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). In addition to this, customers can be invited to eSign documents whenever the need for a signature arises.

Human Resource Processes

Human Resource Departments in every company have the need to make signatures on documents like reference consents, enrollment forms, communications, relieving and settlement letters, suspension and termination orders, and more. The eSign workflow that’s included in can be used to make instant eSignatures on documents. Additionally, records for internal training activities, seminars, policy updates, etc can also be maintained using eSign.

HRDs have the requirement to create contracts like employment agreements, NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements), and other contracts on a daily basis. These contracts can be created online and with the help of a Digital Stamping solution, they can be made legally valid through the online payment of Stamp Duty. After that, the concerned party can be invited to eSign the document.

With, the Human Resource Department’s overall efficiency can be improved by making signatures and paying Stamp Duty online.

Automate Contract Creation Using

Create and execute contracts with ease using SignDesk’s contract workflow automation solution. Create documents online, pay online stamp duty to make documents legally valid, and invite the concerned signatories to eSign the documents. Now create contracts within one day using!