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Transform vendor onboarding using SignDesk’s Digital Stamping and eSign workflow solutions. Create and execute vendor contracts within one day with

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies require to execute numerous vendor contracts every month. Each contract often requires multiple signatures from different parties. The process often gets lengthier when the signatories are located in different places. Additionally, for the contract to be made legally valid, stamp paper would have to be procured and attached to the document making the process even more time-consuming.

Using, one can make eSignatures from anywhere, invite signatories to eSign documents, and also pay Stamp Duty online.

Onboard Vendors Faster

Onboard vendors within a day by creating contracts digitally and eSigning them. Invite vendors to eSign documents parallelly or if required in a sequential order. Pay Stamp Duty online to make the agreement legally valid.


Pay Stamp Duty with Ease

Enter all the details required to generate a Stamp Paper on and SignDesk will ensure that Stamp Duty on the document is paid.


All-purpose Dashboard

Track signature status, send reminders and alerts to signatories, and receive notifications through the dashboard. Review, search and retrieve documents with ease.


Renew Contracts with Ease

Save time and effort while renewing vendor contracts. Retrieve older versions of contracts, make relevant edits and invite the concerned parties to eSign the document. Pay online Stamp Duty on the contract to make it legally valid.


Faster Signatures

Save time by signing goods receipts, delivery challans, acknowledgements, dispatch and stock summary statements, inventory reports, transfer and re-order requests and road permits using the bulk signing feature.


Ensure Confidentiality of Data

Ensure better security and a lower risk in leakage of confidentiality as documents will be shared directly with the intended recipients.

SignDesk helps Digitize the Documentation Workflow for your Retail Business

Quick Templates

Use standardised templates for vendor contracts. Choose the right template and create professionals documents faster.


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