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Human Resources

Speed up recruitment and employment processes by making signatures online. Customise and use existing templates for documents like letters, orders, contracts, etc. Share documents securely and retrieve documents easily. Learn More



Automate loan documentation, invoices, purchase orders, etc, by digitally creating and signing documents. Pay online stamp duty on documents to ensure the legal validity and also automate debit payments digitally through one platform. Learn More



Improve the speed of documentation processes by gaining quick access to documents through the dashboard, signing multiple documents at one go and by paying online stamp duty on documents. Invite customers to automate recurring payments using eSign or their Netbanking login. Learn More



Onboard vendors faster by creating contracts digitally from anywhere, at any time. Invite parties to eSign documents and make agreements legally valid by paying stamp duty online. Reduce vendor onboarding time by at least half. Learn More



Transform documentation processes by issuing online pre-authorisation forms for medical insurance claims in hospitals. Collect eSignatures from the patients, concerned doctors, hospital admin, and the insurance company for insurance claims and approvals. Prescriptions can also be eSigned by doctors. Enhance the speed of delivering healthcare services and through quick retrieval of patient’s medical history.



Enhance the process of legal documentation by creating digital contracts and using digital signatures. Save resources and time by creating NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements), general contracts and agreements, letters and notices, annual reviews, compliance and audit reports, etc, electronically. Pay online stamp duty on documents, sign documents electronically and invite the concerned signatories to do the same.

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