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Document Automation Software For Legal Teams & Firms

Automation Software For Legal Teams & Firms

  • Streamlined agreement workflows

  • Real-time negotiations & collaboration

  • Secure & compliant document execution

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Automate Legal Document Management from End-to-End

Digital Draft-To-Renew

Draft multiple binding agreements with configurable templates or upload customized contracts in bulk. Streamline key documentation workflows from contract requests through approvals, signatures, and renewal.

Smart Legal Contract Management

Track contract milestones and agreement stages with AI-powered analytics on a comprehensive dashboard. Secure legacy contracts with centralized contract storage & meta-data tagging.

Transparent Negotiations
& Seamless Collaboration

Reduce negotiation cycles with digital suggestions & maintain compliance with robust audit trails. Ensure smooth collaboration with custom notifications and build better relationships.

Legally Compliant eSignatures and eStamping

Safeguard legal documents with secure eSigning procedures & prevent document fraud. Accelerate stamp paper procurement for cross-boundary contracts by paying stamp duty online.

High Process Visibility For
Contracting & Payments

Monitor contract phases with strong user & document controls, and manage recurring payments using Aadhaar or API NACH. Receive timely alerts for payments, renewals, terminations, and more.

Smart Features For Smooth Legal Operations

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