“By using SignDesk we are able to register P Nach and Enach as well and this is helping us to remove the manual recollection effort”

Abhishek Kumar,

Product Manager, Bharat Khata

Abhishek-Kumar, Product-Manager Bharat-Khata

The Client

Founded by Arjun Ahluwalia and Adriel Maniego, Jai Kisan (Greenizon Agritech Consultancy Pvt Ltd) is a rural-focused lending Fintech founded in 2017 with the vision of making financial inclusion a reality for rural individuals and businesses.

As part of their vision, Jai Kisan provides credit access to businesses and individuals operating out of rural settings using their flagship rural financing product - Bharat Khata.

The Challenge

Due to a lack of digital infrastructure in rural areas, loan disbursement and repayment was a challenge for Jai Kisan.

High mandate failure rates
- Manual mandate registration caused friction in Jai Kisan’s payments pipeline

Massive process delays
- The team lost several hours on a daily basis waiting for NACH forms to be registered

Errors & efficiency loss
- Nach forms were at a high risk of manual errors due to efforts involved in documentation

Logistical challenges
- Teams had to coordinate with multiple stakeholders and PoCs from destination banks

Real-time registration
- Jai Kisan’s teams could register Nach in real-time (via APIs) or within 5-10 days (QR codes)

Smart dashboard
- Every Nach form could be tracked with ease and borrower profiles were managed transparently

Robust APIs
- Lightweight Nach APIs were used to populate Nach forms & validate API Nach

QR code integrations
- Teams simply scanned and uploaded paper-based Nach forms to enable accelerated payments

The Solution

Link.it - SignDesk’s eNACH eMandate solution for periodic payments - was leveraged by Jai Kisan to streamline their NACH registration process. Here’s how eMandates made a difference for Jai Kisan.

Jai Kisan Enables Real-Time Nach For Rural Populations

SignDesk enabled hassle-free, digital mandate registration to boost Jai Kisan’s efficiency, automate key touch points in the loan repayment process, and get NACH forms registered faster with nearly zero errors.

Physical Nach - With QR code integrations, borrowers in rural areas could fill Nach forms and Jai Kisan’s teams could scan & upload these forms in bulk instantly. Registration was sped up to 5-10 days and the team received alerts for payment milestones.

API Nach - Integrations with Nach APIs enabled Jai Kisan to send a registration link to borrowers to view & validate their pre-filled Nach forms, these were registered in bulk and payment collection could take place seamlessly.

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