E-Sign Online: The Fast, Secure, and Eco-Friendly Way to Sign

E-Sign Online: The Fast, Secure, and Eco-Friendly Way to Sign

  • Digitally sign documents streamlining eSign workflow.

  • Streamline business documentation on a digital platform.

  • Create and manage all documents online using templates.


ISO 9001 &
27001 certified


signature algorithms

Custom business

Legally valid eSign
under IT Act (2000)

Versatile eSignature & eSign Workflow For Any Business

Got a specific requirement? We’ve got the eSign for you!

Electronic signatures

You receive an OTP on your email or phone, you enter the OTP & your document is electronically signed. Simple.

Best For:

  • FMCG & retail businesses
  • HR firms
  • Any business that needs to optimize for time

DSC signatures

Entire documents are securely encrypted using private keys and digital signature workflow. Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) are generated for quick verification.

Best For:

  • Large enterprises
  • Technology companies
  • Businesses with high security requirements

Aadhaar esign

Customers sign using an OTP that’s sent to their Aadhaar-linked phone number. Signer details are retrieved from the UIDAI database.

Best For:

  • Banks & regulated FIs
  • Insurers
  • Registered securities intermediaries

Sign Documents Online, From Anywhere At Anytime

With electronic signatures & eSign workflow, the entire signing process is completely digital & takes less than 10 minutes.

01. Log into SignDesk

02. Upload a document

03. Invite signers via email

04. Document is e-signed

05. Signed and sent to all parties

Sign Documents Online, From Anywhere At Anytime

With electronic signatures & eSign workflow, the entire signing process is completely digital & takes less than 10 minutes.

01. Log into SignDesk

02. Upload a document

03. Invite signers via email

04. Document is e-signed

05. Signed and sent to all parties

Electronic & Digital Signatures Close Contracts 99% Faster

Our eSign workflow & document management solution has helped our clients reduce TAT on contract execution from 10-20 days to less than 10 minutes. eSign online & document templates allow signers to sign instantly & remotely, and our smart management system keeps you on top of all your business documentation.

Features of our eSign & Document Management Solution

Unlimited eSign
eSign documents & contracts online from anywhere in the world at any time
Customizable templates
Draft legally valid documents in secondse
Multiple eSignature options
Digitally sign documents using our electronic, DSC, Aadhaar or PAN-based signatures
Multiparty & multi location signing
Invite multiple signers to eSign online anywhere on your document using our drag-and-drop feature
Flexible signing order
Impose parallel or sequential signing orders to make sure people sign when & how you want them to
Smart dashboard with audit trail
Manage all your documents in one place & receive notifications about the status of your documents
PDF & Word support
Upload documents in numerous formats including pdf & docx, and get them signed online
User roles & approval workflows
Create your own eSign workflows & assign user roles to team-mates to take control of how your documents are signed
High-level encryption
Secure all your documentation with industry-grade cryptosystems & ensure signer authenticity through public key encryption
Digital stamping facilities
Get your documents legalized before signing them by paying stamp duty in real-time

Quick & Easy eSign Integration

SignDesk’s flexible eSign online solution can be integrated with any business’ documentation system with zero third-party assistance.
Here’s what we offer.

API integrations

Mobile SDK

Desktop & mobile web

Standalone platform

Widget-based integrations

Who Should Use Electronic Signatures?

Financial Institutions

Banks, NBFCs & financial institutions handle thousands of documents including agreements, consent forms, mandate forms & sanction letters on a daily basis.SignDesk’s eSignature software & eSign workflow can be integrated into any bank’s loan authorisation, cheque truncation, CRM or ERP processes to allow digital documents to be created & signed en masse and managed digitally; this reduces TAT on document execution to less than 10 minutes

Insurance companies
SignDesk’s digital signature solution allows insurers to quickly create policy documents & eSign insurance documents using electronic signatures & an automated eSign workflow. Insurers can also use our customizable approval workflows to maintain the order of verification processes and reduce the time taken for pre-verification by nearly 99%.
Our legally valid eSign solution also doubles up as a smart document management platform, where insurers can keep track of any policy changes or maintenance.
Vendor Contracts & Onboarding

Businesses in the FMCG sector require speed & efficiency to maintain their bottom lines. Vendor contracts need to be created quickly, sent out to vendors & signed even quicker.

SignDesk’s eSignature solution features legally valid contract templates, automated eSign workflow & OTP-based online signatures, for businesses to rapidly churn out vendor contracts, get them signed electronically & manage all contracts in one place.

Human Resources

Excessive paperwork takes a huge toll on the productivity of HR firms. With hundreds of employees being on-boarded on a daily basis, HR professionals need a quick & paper-free way to get employee documents signed.

We offer templates for employee agreements, NDAs, offer letters & more; complete with legally valid electronic signatures, and customizable eSign workflow & approval workflow for employees to eSign documents online & firms to maintain and manage employee contracts.

Legal firms

Of all businesses, legal firms are perhaps the most hamstrung by paper documentation. Documents are the bread and butter of any legal professional and firms spend days drafting, negotiating & executing legal documents.

SignDesk’s templates cover the gamut of legal documentation, from general contracts & agreements to reports, letters & notices. Our legally valid eSignature & eSign workflow allow digital documents to be signed online instantly & a signature verification certificate serves as further evidence of document execution.

Healthcare institutions

Hospitals can digitize & speed up their claims processing using SignDesk’s eSignature solution. Documents can be drawn up instantly using our pre-verification templates and both doctors & patients can be invited to digitally sign documents.

Healthcare institutions can use eSign & customizable eSign workflows to automate the bulk of their documentation this way & spend more time treating patients.

Educational institutions

Educational institutions generate a lot of paperwork; from student applications and offer letters, to leave applications & various reports.

SignDesk’s digital signature solution offers institutions an alternative to paper-based documentation, using digital document templates, automated eSign workflows & electronic signatures. Educational institutions can manage all their student documents in one place, receive alerts about the status of various forms & applications, and get any document signed electronically.

Any Business
All businesses generate documents as part of their operations. These could be commercial rental agreements, employee forms, loan documents, or business contracts. Once these documents are drafted, they’ve also got to be legalized & then signed.

SignDesk automates this entire documentation process for all businesses. We offer legally valid templates to create documents instantly, electronic signatures with eSign workflow to get them signed instantly, & digital stamping facilities to get them legalized in real-time.

Our eSign solution helps businesses go completely paper-free, reduce documentation costs & slash TAT on document execution by nearly 99%.

Frequently Asked Questions

An eSign is the electronic equivalent of a physical wet signature. Similar to physical signatures, eSignature serve as digital evidence that an agreement, contract or any document has been agreed to & executed by the parties involved.

eSign rely on the digital authentication of the signer, usually through OTP or private key verification. Once a document has been e-signed, a signature is placed on the digital document and a signature certificate is also generated.

SignDesk’s electronic signatures are available free of cost with our individual plan, where we offer unlimited eSignature for free. Sign up here.

Check the pricing here.

Electronic signatures are OTP-based, while digital signatures are either Aadhaar-based signatures or involve the usage of a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

This means that in order to sign a document using electronic signatures, you’ll have to verify an OTP you receive on your phone or email. In the case of digital signatures, signatures are made either using a DSC, a public key issued by SignDesk to our clients, or via an OTP sent to your Aadhaar-registered mobile number.

SignDesk offers unlimited electronic signatures for free; our digital signatures are available on our business packages. Check out our pricing plans here.

Yes. eSign are legally valid according to the IT Act (2000).

Absolutely, SignDesk eSign prioritizes security. Utilizing AES 256 encryption and international data security standards, it ensures a compliant eSigning journey. Hash algorithms like DSA and RSA establish digital signatures, with the public-private key encryption. It verifies signer identity and checks document integrity post-signing. Decryption confirms authenticity by matching original and encrypted hash.

Electronic signatures are applicable to various documents, including offer letters, sales contracts, permission slips, rental agreements, and more. An amendment to the IT Act now allows eSigning for documents like cheques, demand promissory notes, bills of exchange issued by regulated entities like RBI, NHB, SEBI, IRDAI, and PFRDA. However, certain documents that require notarization or registration still need manual signatures, such as negotiable instruments, powers of attorney, trust deeds, wills, and property sale contracts.

Here's How to eSign on SignDesk Portal:

  • Login - Access the portal with your credentials.
  • Upload Document - Upload the document you need signed.
  • Invite Signers - Send Email invites to intended signers.
  • eSigning - Signers eSign the document securely.
  • Share Signed Document - All stakeholders receive copies of the eSigned document.

Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of eSigning with SignDesk!

1. Banking & Finance -

  • Loan Applications
  • Account Opening
  • Investment Agreements
  • eSigning
  • Share Signed Document

2. Insurance -

  • Policy Issuance
  • Claims Processing

3. Real Estate -

  • Property Sales
  • Lease Agreements

4. HR and Employment -

  • Offer Letters and Contracts
  • Employee Onboarding

5. Legal and Government Services -

  • Legal Agreements
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