Aadhaar-eSign To Help Universities & Professors

Aadhaar-eSign: Universities

The rapid adoption of the Aadhaar based eSign across the industries has only inspired a greater need for the more comprehensive adoption of the legally binding technology.

The fact that the eSign saves time, expenses and complementary resources associated with the physical signature while being seamlessly usable makes the mass adoption, unrestrainedly real.

A user just needs to have a phone number that is linked to his/her Aadhaar to make an Aadhaar based eSignature.

It is lawfully valid according to the Information Technology Act of 2000.

The convenience of eSign has made many traditional practices like standing in long queues or getting manual approvals from an authority redundant.

The extensive use of eSign for Educational purposes is particularly exciting in this context.

8Ways The Aadhaar Based  eSign Helps Education In India

1. Ecological Interest

We all know Global Warming is real, it is impacting each one of us.

When using eSignatures, students and teachers are clearly combining to conserve nature considering the massive volumes of paper that are used by an educational institution each academic year.

2. Cost-Saving

eSignature being digital requires no physical resources like paper, ink, scanner, storage or such. Expenses for the same are thus saved.

3. Student Awareness

When the student is aware of such new-age technologies that are being used across the world, he/she is naturally considered more adept in the future. 

4. Remote Convenience

Imagine being that student that has finished the thesis/assignment on the last day of the submission day but is not able to submit it personally thanks to a personal contingency.

The virtues of the eSignature can never be overstated in this context.

5. Time-Saving

Education could indeed become more holistic when an institution realizes more time-saving thanks to the faster validation of documents with the electronic signature.

6. Secure Documents

A paper document is only as safe as it is stored. Resistance to mishap has always been limited considering the many eventualities like loss, damage, forgery etc.

The digital documents that are being eSigned however, cannot be forged. Each Aadhaar based eSign is secured by an underlying mechanism called Audit Trail.

It provides express information about any fraud/mishap over the document.

Also, being virtual, the documents are safe from all eventualities associated with the physical task of signing a document.

7. Lifetime Validity

Paper documents are destroyed as a practice in most institutions for want of space as well as lack of need after a certain point of time.

However, all documents that are eSigned are safe from such destruction as they can safely be stored digitally with absolutely non-existential overheads for the same.

Should examinations be digital, professors could simply validate the answer scripts with their eSign thereby saving considerable resources.

Imagine being able to review your answer script a few decades from now.

8. Branding Context

An educational institution that equips students with a pragmatic approach to their future naturally gets more acclaim than the other. Also, remember ecological concern.


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