How To Use Aadhaar Based eSignature?

How To Use Aadhaar Based eSignature?

Aadhaar based eSignature

The Aadhaar based eSignature is proving to provide mighty convenience to individuals and businesses alike. The facility is emerging fast especially among the corporates who until recently relied on handwritten signatures over a multitude of documents.

Being a fairly new-age feature, doubts about the viability and legality of the eSignature (Electronic Signature) naturally raised by potential users.

However, the facility being legally encouraged by the  IT Act of 2000 has inspired mass acceptance.

Having said that, only two forms of virtual signatures are permissible in India:

  1. Dongle Based Digital Signature
  2. Aadhaar based eSignature

An individual only has to find a reliable vendor to choose either of the two signatures to not only virtually authenticate the document but also, conveniently get the other parties to do the same.

SignDesk’s Aadhaar based eSignature service has proven to provide users a much-simplified experience of authenticating the document.

The radically simple User Interface lets anyone with a basic understanding of the web complete the signature process in about a minute or two.

The Aadhaar based eSignature document is bound by Audit Trail, a behind-the-scenes mechanism that provides erudite proof of all activity over the document.

Hence the record of any fraud or mishap over the eDocument is available to the concerned at any required time.

Aadhaar Based eSignature: The Procedure

An individual seeking to apply the Aadhaar based eSignature shall follow this procedure:

  1. Click here to upload the document
  2. Select “Your Sign” on the right side of the window
  3. Enter Aadhaar linked phone number to get an OTP
  4. Enter OTP and place your eSignature over the eDocument.

To invite other parties, select “Other Signers” beside “Your Sign” and enter their email ID.

The other party would now have received a link through an email redirecting them to the eDocument window.

Now, they can follow the same procedure as entering the Aadhaar linked mobile number and making the eSignature.

Also, one can easily download the eSigned document and save it on his/her personal device.

The rise in the use of Aadhaar based services is particularly emphatic after the demonetization in November 2016 – 1.12 billion or over 99 percent of the Indian population over the age of 18 now have an Aadhaar card according to a Times of India report.

The New Technology has proven to reduce carbon imprint by substantial margins while providing the convenience of remote access.

Also, the facility has proven to save multiple resources like time, capital and manpower in a significant way.


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