Aadhaar Based eSignature: Checklist To Find The Best Vendor

Aadhaar Based eSignature

The Aadhaar based eSignature has proven to be a game-changing development in India. Organizations that are using this technology have discovered the massive benefits of eSigning an online document.

The growing demand for the service has only increased the number of service providers. It is especially important for the signing party to decide an efficient service.

These 8 tips will help the signer to make an informed decision.

Aadhaar based esign

1. Ease of Use

Simplicity is the key, yet, it is not a simple thing to offer. The best eSign service delights you with its ease of use.

Ideally, the new user must be able to adapt with complete confidence in the process.

2. Security

The eSignature is more secure than the physical signature for a particular reason – Each Aadhaar based eSignature is validated by an Audit Trail which records the signature and the signer’s identity.

The eSignature can never be tampered or accessed by the unauthorized. Most providers offer such basic assurance.

However, financial or government organizations may have specific needs.

3. Honest Pricing

A good service provider never hides any charges. One could do well to compare the pricing of different providers.

Sometimes, the eSignature that carries an added value like a personalized document or an extended security may have a relatively higher price.

4. Receptive To Multiple Applications

A physical signature can be made on any paper/document. The Aadhaar based electronic signature must provide the same flexibility too.

One should be able to eSign on any virtual document, be it an MS Word, ERP, Adobe Acrobat, Auto CAD, well,  just anything.  

5. Statutory Compliance

The Aadhaar based eSign and the Dongle based Digital Signature Certificate are the only valid types of eSignatures in India according to the Information Technology Act of 2000.

In essence, the eSignature must comply with the regulations of your country. The regulations are also to be in sync with your industry standards.  

6. Transportability

Imagine, you eSign the documents and send it to the other party  – now, it shouldn’t be a gobbledygook of a problem for the other signer.

He/She must be able to easily understand the process and do it with confidence, ideally,  without seeking help from Google

7. Convenience

The main purpose of the Aadhaar based eSignature is to provide convenience to the signer.

The service must be easily available on the web as well as the phone. It must be adaptive to all browsers at any given point of time and in any part of the world.

8. Multiple eSignatures

An agreement always has two parties – one who makes an offer and the one who agrees for the same. Hence, multiple parties should be able to make a eSignature on the document.

The process involves a simple  Aadhaar based authentication for all parties involved. Remember, simple.

Choose The Best Aadhaar Based eSignature

In India, SignDesk has been one of the most trusted eSignature providers. Thousands of small and medium businesses have moved on to digitize their documents with chanceless ease.

Feeling the simplicity yourself is probably the best way to find out why.


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