How do I create an electronic signature online

How do I create an electronic signature online

What is electronic signature?

eSign is an electronic signature service that facilitates a user to apply their digital signature on a document.

The eSign service of authenticating users is made possible through the Aadhaar Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) service.

Any Aadhaar-holder can electronically sign a document using a mobile, tablet, computer, etc) by providing his/her Aadhaar number and OTP or Biometric scan.

The electronic signature was designed to replace the physical- digital signature dongle by mass adoption of the use of the digital signature.

Why electronic signature?

The electronic signature is legally valid by the Government of India and can be used to electronically sign documents under the Information Technology Act, 2000.

Electronic signature provides an alternative to the old physical process of applying signatures on documents.

Advantages of electronic signature .

  • An individual can sign a document online from anywhere and at the same time get multiple parties to sign a document from different locations.
  • Electronic Signature is convenient and easy to use.
  • Physical records or paper-based records will no longer be required, along with the space for storing such documents, electronic signature is consistent with being eco-friendly and the go-green initiative.
  • Permanent storage of electronic records of documents serves as evidence.
  • The electronic signature is consent-based and can only happen if a user requires service and initiates the same.
  • Electronic documents stored online are tamper-proof.

Who can provide an electronic signature (eSign)?

Any Application Service Provider (ASP) can facilitate electronic signature services to customers by integrating the service into their application. The entity should be:

  • A Legal Entity registered in India
  • A financial institution, bank or telecom company
  • A non-profit company or Special Purpose Organization
  • An authority incorporated under the State or Central Act
  • A Central or State Government Ministry or department or any undertaking formed by the same authorities

Who can use the electronic signature?

The delivery of services for the following applications can be enhanced with the use of electronic signature:

  • Digilocker for self-attestation of documents
  • E-filing and application ID for Tax and Tax Returns
  • New account applicants at post offices and banks
  • Application for vehicle registration and license renewal
  • Application for Income certificate, death certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.
  • Applicants for issue and reissue of Passport
  • Application for a new telecom connection
  • College Students for exam and/or course enrollment
  • Members of Parliament can use an electronic signature to submit parliament questions

SignDesk Onboarding Customers And Vendors

A company or an entity can make the use of electronic signature services to onboard customers or vendors.

Customers or vendors can sign a document remotely and this enables a company to onboard more customers conveniently and at a lesser cost.

These companies can use to avail digital signature offerings to onboard vendors or customers, sign agreements and contracts, self-attestation, etc.

Negotiable instruments, power of attorney, trust, will, the sale of immovable property, etc. are the documents that cannot be electronically signed.

Any customer or vendor will be required to provide their 12-digit Aadhaar number and One-Time Password (OTP) to a company and the customer can sign a document or agreement with the partnered company.

The company can then enter into a legal contract with a customer or vendor after a customer or vendor has affixed their electronic signature on a document.

Need An electronic signature? is an authorized Application Service Provider (ASP) that helps you sign your legal document is few minutes.

SignDesk packages are available for small and medium business as well as enterprise.

All you have to do is upload the document that needs signing, verify your identity by providingAadhaar number and OTP followed by electronically signing the document or sharing the document with multiple parties. Try our service.


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