How Sales Teams Can Close Deals Faster With eSign Document Solutions?

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The eSign Advantage For Sales

Effective time management is not just a skill a sales rep has to acquire to succeed in sales but is an essential requirement for closing business deals faster. A slow sales cycle not just hampers business but also causes inconvenience to customers. One of the most simple yet often overlooked tools by which sales teams can close deals surprisingly quickly is through eSign document solutions.

According to a survey, sales managers reported that time is one of the biggest barriers to closing more sales. Electronic signing is a smart methodology that facilitates leads and prospects to sign sales documents within a very short span of time. In this way, eSignatures pave the way for a significant shortening of the time required for sales reps to close a deal.

eSigning sales documents offer a lot of advantages over traditional wet signatures, enabling businesses to expedite their sales the smart way.

The Drawbacks of  Traditional Wet Ink Signatures 

Handwritten signatures have various disadvantages which can hamper sales operations. Some of these include:

  • Lengthy Processing Time: Getting documents physically signed by clients demands a great deal of time, especially when they need to be authenticated by multiple people. This slows down deal closures, hindering sales teams from scaling their operations quickly. 
  • Affects Market Competitiveness: As wet signatures take up a lot of time due to the requirement of the client to be physically present to authenticate a deal, it gives the business’s competitors an edge to enter the market when the demand is at its peak. Delayed market entry can significantly impact the business’s revenue. 
  • High Document Filing & Storage Costs: Physical documents require increased storage space with every deal the sales team closes. This brings in an increased cost of storage space the company has to bear as the business grows. Businesses can easily cut down this expense by adopting an eSign document workflow across their sales documentation process. 
  • Laborious Document Retrieval: With a multitude of rows of documents to search through, finding the required document for purposes like renewal, amendments, & audits becomes highly tedious for employees. In addition to this, there is also a high chance of documents getting misplaced or even lost without stringent security measures put in place. 
  • Massive Carbon Footprint: The sheer amount of paper required to curate business contracts is very high, which makes the process not very environmentally friendly. Sales teams can carry out the same in a paperless way, via implementing an eSignature system into their document authentication procedure.

eSign For Sales Documents: Expediting Business Deal Closures

eSign software can help sales reps streamline their documentation & deal closure workflow. By adopting an eSign document solution, sales teams can experience many features & benefits that help them secure deals at a faster rate.

eSign For Sales Documents

  • Simplified Long-Distance Business: Sales reps can carry out inter-state & even international businesses without worrying about geographical barriers with the help of remotely executable electronic signatures. With just a smartphone/laptop/PC & a stable internet connection, clients can electronically sign business contracts right from where they are, enabling sales teams to establish business relationships even remotely. 
  • Quick Authentication of Business Documents: Through eSign document software, clients can authorize & execute business transactions in a matter of minutes. Shorter sales cycles play a crucial role in enabling sales reps to secure deals quickly, an essential factor that can power faster business growth. 
  • Documents are Secure: Through eSigning documents, especially using digital signatures that enforce public-key cryptography, sales documents become highly secure & tamper-proof. Instant sales contract security also facilitates better sales productivity. The team can better focus on acquiring new clients as all the eSigned client contracts will be stored safely on the cloud. 
  • Reduced Material & Storage Requirements: eSigned documents are stored in the cloud, eliminating the need for sales teams to spend time creating & maintaining large volumes of paperwork for every client deal. This significantly reduces the number of sheets of paper & files that would have been required for a complete manual document filing system. In addition, there will be no need for office space to be designated for storing documents. 

How to eSign Sales Documents? The Process Flow

There are certain steps that users would need to follow to sign a sales document electronically. They include –

  • Logging In: The sales representative logs into the eSign document software provider’s portal to initiate the eSignature process flow. 
  • Uploading a Document: The next step would require the sales rep to upload the business contract onto the electronic signature portal.
  • Inviting Signers: Post uploading the required document, sales reps can send out email/SMS invites to the respective parties. 
  • eSigning the Document: The authorized personnel electronically signs the document via an OTP, initiating a deal with the business.
  • Downloading the Document: The signed document is sent to all the parties who are a part of the deal. eSigning also enables multiple parties to sign on a single document, shortening sales cycles & enabling quick deal closures. 

Innovative eSign document solutions offered by platforms like SignDesk play a vital role in assisting sales teams to reduce sales cycles and settle deals in a considerably shorter time. 

Boost Sales Productivity With eSignatures

Technology can help transform the productivity & efficiency of sales teams across businesses. Digital signatures offer enhanced customer convenience, allowing potential clients to sign business documents from anywhere they are. eSign for sales documents enables sales teams to quickly close deals & accelerate conversion rate.

With eSign solutions like, offered by SignDesk, sales reps can boost their productivity and magnify client conversion rates. The eSign document workflow solution is highly effective, helping sales teams finalize deals up to 99% faster.

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