How to Electronically Sign a PDF Document

How to eSign PDF Documents

What is a PDF Document?

Generally used to show documents and paperwork in an electronic format, portable document format or PDF is presented generally for an operating system, digitally. The concept of PDF file was first introduced by US software firm Adobe Service in 1991, as The Camelot Project. The intention was to allow everyone to take snaps of documents and initiate an electronic version of it from any applications and send it anywhere to print it out. Today, one can eSign PDF. To know how first it is important to understand how PDF files and eSign have been a phenomenon.

What are the advantages of using a PDF Document?

With the passage of time, PDF documents have gained a lot of widespread popularity. Due to their convenience and extensive features, PDF files are gradually displacing all other document formats. The advantages that a PDF Document provides are as follows:

  • Definite Format:

The format of the file does not change regardless of who or what device you share it with. The elements of the document will not be distorted, and it is simple to see and distribute. On the other hand, Word files have a serious issue with the format when opened on a different version or device than the one it was initially written on.

  • Adaptability:

All current operating systems support the PDF format. On mobile operating systems like Android or iOS, PDF is also supported. In other words, the viewer can access the content on any type of device.

  • Safe and Secure:

The ability to password-protect PDF files is another particular topic. If PDF is used in a corporate setting, it’s likely that some documents have sensitive information, including client information or R&D insights.

  • Seamless Workflow:

There are a lot more options with a PDF converter application like the original PDFCreator than just saving files as PDF. One can choose in advance where the files will be automatically saved and to which email address they should be delivered.

  • Compressibility:

The PDF’s final advantage is that it is compressed and generally smaller than other file formats.

What is eSign?

The computerized equivalent of a wet ink signature is an electronic signature or eSign which helps sign pdf online. It is related to any document that needs to be signed by all parties and authenticated. Electronic signatures are used to make it easier to sign a certain document.

It is an easy and efficient method for carrying out any official agreement and helps to sign a pdf online. It is simple to validate a document once it has been electronically signed in order to move the process along. By identifying the many persons involved, the legitimacy of the document can be verified.

The Indian Contract Act and the IT Act, 2000 together govern the legality of eSignatures in India. In order to establish electronic signatures, the signer is required by the IT Act to get a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) from a Certifying Authority (CA) that has been granted authorization by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA). This act enables users to esign PDF and other documents.

Before a CA provides a DSC, the signer’s identity and address must be verified. A one-time-use hardware cryptographic token contains the secret key that was used to generate the electronic signature.

What makes a legally valid contract and how eSignatures fit into the contract execution process are both governed by the Indian Contract Act.

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eSigning a PDF Document in 3 Steps 

Businesses may generate, authorize, and eSign PDF documents online using legally binding eSignatures thanks to SignDesk‘s eSign technology, Ink.It eases online eSign in PDF.

With SignDesk’s smart management system, signers may use online eSign and document templates to sign papers promptly and remotely while keeping legal teams and executives up to date on company data.

Here’s how to initiate eSign in PDF document with SignDesk.

Step 1: Upload a PDF

Simply upload a pdf document to begin the eSign process

Step 2: Receive an OTP

Enter signer details such as email and mobile number to receive an OTP for signature

Step 3: eSign PDF document

Enter the OTP to complete the eSigning the PDF document

While this is a simplified process, the complete eSign workflow is somewhat more involved. However, the ease of the process carries over even for more complex use cases. 

The complete steps involved in eSigning a PDF document are covered in more detail below. 

To esign a pdf document online, log into the SignDesk portal and perform the following steps:

  1. Log into the eSign portal of SignDesk
  2. Upload the PDF that needs to be eSigned
  3. Invite the signers via email for eSign PDF
  4. Signers preview document
  5. Signers receive an OTP on their mobile devices & email
  6. OTP is entered to esign PDF 
  7. The eSigned document is now downloaded by all stakeholders 

The next question then is – should businesses be using eSign to sign PDF documents? 

eSigning PDF Documents – The Advantages

The benefits of leveraging an eSign workflow solution for signing PDF documents are numerous. eSignatures are cost-efficient, fast, and secure. 

Advantages - eSign PDF Documents

The additional advantages of eSigning PDF documents involve:

  • Time and cost efficiency

The amount of time spent with eSign is minimal as documents are instantaneously signed online. Electronic signing streamlines the previously arduous tasks of sending out documents to various stakeholders for signatures & waiting for signatures. eSign not only saves time but also improves revenue efficiency by saving businesses document and operational costs.

  • Strong Authentication using Aadhaar

 Aadhaar eSign leverages eKYC-based verification & secure OTPs to provide legally valid & safe signatures with robust signer authentication.

  • Signer & Document Verification

Every eSigned document comes with an electronically sign PDF certificate, making it simple to verify and reducing the risk of fraud. eSign on PDF helps in the verification of the documents.

  • Legal Recognition

Only certified ASPs are permitted to provide these services, and Aadhaar-based electronic signatures are regarded as legitimate and admissible in judicial proceedings.

  • Scalability and a Faster TAT

By facilitating mass document generation & speedy execution, eSignatures help businesses scale their operations with electronically sign PDF documents. Award-winning Digital & Electronic Signatures 

Our clients have been able to shorten the time it takes to execute a contract from 10 to 20 days to under 10 minutes to esign PDF online thanks to our eSign workflow and document management technology. Signers may instantaneously and eSign PDF files using online eSign services and templates, and our clever management software maintains track of all your company paperwork.

We also offer choices to electronically sign PDF along with PAN-based signature, DSC signature, and Aadhar eSign. The most popular choice for digital signatures is Aadhaar eSign, which is also the safest and most secure type.

Using, businesses can create, eSign, and manage business papers all in one location. The process of business documentation can be made more efficient by using online esign pdf services.

Register for a free account on SignDesk’s to eSign PDF online and esign PDF with an infinite number of electronic signatures, or have others perform the act of online esign PDF.

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