Introduction – eStamp Verification

In the era of digitization, digital stamping enables businesses to stamp documents electronically and pay stamp duty remotely. But it is not enough to complete the eStamping process, and businesses also need to check the authenticity of the e Stamp certificate through an eStamp online verification process.

In paper-based stamping workflows, security risks include fabrication, data breaches, physical damage, data loss, and counterfeit stamp papers. Along with these logistical challenges, businesses face issues like selecting a trusted authorized vendor, transparency, submission & collection of documents, scalability, and the lack of an eStamp verification process.

E-stamped documents act as admissible evidence in a court of law. In the case of a lawsuit, businesses can seek legal remedy with a valid stamp paper keeping the organizational reputation intact. It is important to verify the eStamp certificate and acquire an authentic eStamp certificate to safeguard judicial support.

With the help of digital stamping tools, business organizations can now implement large-scale eStamping and authenticate eStamp certificates instantly in bulk under a secure and compliant eStamp verification framework.

What Is E-Stamping?

E-Stamping is a digital process that allows for the online payment of non-judicial stamp duty to the government. It is a convenient and real-time process that makes stamping simple, efficient, and fast.

The stamping process substantiates the transaction of stamp duty payment and makes the contract valid in a court of law. The eStamp certificate ensures the authenticity of the eStamp document and stamp duty payment. This tamper-proof eStamp verification process expedites the eStamping workflow.

What Is An E-Stamp Certificate?

An e-Stamp certificate is a proof of paying stamp duty for an instrument. The eStamping process procures an eStamp certificate which is a tamper-proof and secure instrument to verify the authenticity of the eStamping process.

The required document is electronically stamped upon successful payment of stamp duty and merged with digital stamp paper. The user receives the eStamp certificate with a QR code and a unique identification number (UIN) generated for the eStamp paper, which adds a heightened layer of security to prevent it from being altered for verification of authenticated eStamp certificate.

An original eStamp certificate contains these below-mentioned details

  • Certificate Number
  • Certificate Issued Date
  • Account Reference
  • Unique Document Reference
  • Purchased by
  • Description of Document
  • Property Description
  • Consideration Price
  • First Party
  • Second Party
  • Stamp Duty Paid by
  • Stamp Duty Amount

Before knowing how to verify an eStamp certificate, let’s take a quick look at the eStamping process.

Easy-to-follow Steps for eStamping

E-Stamping can be completed digitally by following a few simple steps. To get the documents electronically stamped, one can follow these procedures.

eStamping Process

  • Log In – The user logs in to the online digital stamping portal to initiate the electronic stamping process.
  • Pre-Order – The user pre-orders the stamp papers by selecting the required date and denominations for smooth stamp paper procurement and frictionless workflows.
  • Upload DocumentThe user uploads or drafts the required documents that need to be stamped in this step. 
  • Fill Out the DetailsThe user fills out the details of the stamping transaction including first-party & second-party details, stamp denominations, and state.
  • Review & SubmitThe user reviews and submits the information entered on the application.
  • Stamp Duty PaymentIn this stage, the user pays the prescribed stamp duty to complete the eStamping process. 
  • E-Stamp CertificateAfter successfully completing the stamp duty payment, the document is electronically stamped after stamp paper verification. The user is provided an eStamp certificate with a unique QR code and UIN to expedite eStamp paper verification.

But knowing only the eStamping process is not enough, one should have enough knowledge to determine the authenticity of the eStamp certificate.

How To Verify eStamp Certificates? – SHCIL Workflow 

One can easily check the eStamp certificate’s authenticity by following the steps below and details on the eStamp certificate

Step 1: Visit the SHCIL Website or Check through App

Step 2: Click on “Verify eStamp Certificate”

Step 3: Fill in the required fields after clicking

SHCIL Dashboard

Details Required for eStamp verification:

  1. State
  2. Certificate Number
  3. Stamp Duty Type
  4. Certificate Issued Date
  5. Certificate Session ID (A 6-character alphanumeric string)


estamp verification certificate

One can complete eStamp online verification through a mobile app named “EStamping”, regulated by StockHolding.

  • Log in to the eStamping App


  • Input details of →
      • State
      • Certificate number
      • Certificate issued date


  • Verify Certificate

After proper eStamp verification, one can check the below-mentioned data regarding the eStamp certificate. The generation time and issue date mentioned on the e-stamp certificate act as a one-of-a-kind unique certificate number. The eStamp certificate shows the certificate status and the nature of the file as locked or open.

Verify E-Stamp Certificates In Bulk With Instant QR-Code Authentication

In terms of scalability and ease of usage, the SHCIL verification method is limited. SHCIL portal can only verify eStamp certificates one at a time. But with QR codes, businesses can scan entire batches of documents at once and push all eStamp certificates for bulk verification.

SignDesk has partnered with SHCIL for fast and seamless eStamp verification. Businesses can easily complete the process of eStamp online verification instantly by scanning the QR code provided with the eStamp certificate.

Here’s how eStamp certificate verification with QR codes works.

  • Open the Digital Stamping App


  • Find the unique QR code provided with the certificate


  • Scan the QR Code


  • Verify eStamp Certificate


  • Check the details mentioned in the eStamp certificate


  • Authenticate eStamp verification

Enhanced Scalability And Efficiency – The Benefits of E-Stamp Verification

SignDesk’s optimized eStamping workflow provides enterprise-grade ISO and GDPR-compliant digital stamping solutions. The outstanding features expedite the eStamping process and stamp paper procurement with significant operational impact.

  • Optimized eStamping Workflow – Powered by AI technology, the eStamping tool streamlines digital stamping documentation workflow with fast and seamless eStamp evidence procurement and document execution.
  • Transparent Digital Platform – The user can track the status of the stamping process, including stamp duty payment and eStamp certificate procurement, with 24/7 remote access and support promoting the transparency of the smart platform.
  • Mitigated Security Risks – The paperless workflow secures the eStamping process mitigating the risks of fraud and fabrication. The eStamping digital platform keeps all client data safe, preventing cyber crimes with AML compliance.
  • Reduced Expenses – Digital stamping easily solves the complicacy of denomination issues. The user pays the exact amount for stamp duty to match the denomination without extra charges.Other than paying through net banking, cheques, credit or debit cards, or demand drafts, SignDesk offers a digital wallet facility for easy stamp duty payments.
  • Operational Productivity – The bulk document execution facility in multiple workflows enhances operational productivity and efficiency in meeting business goals.
  • Authenticated eStamp Certificate – Procuring an eStamp certificate executes the eStamping process. The user can verify the authenticity of the eStamp certificate, as mentioned in the article.

Get Your E-Stamp Certificate Verified Instantly With SignDesk

SignDesk, a SaaS-based digital documentation solution provider, offers many AI & ML-powered software tools that expedite digital documentation procedures. The digital stamping tool, “” streamlines the eStamping workflow by procuring authentic eStamp certificates supported by regulatory compliance. 

Empower yourself with digital awareness about eStamping and eStamp verification process. E-Stamp your documents by paying stamp duty online and verify the eStamp certificate instantly by scanning the QR code online.