A Brief Overview of FSSAI Verification 

Maintaining food safety and adhering to regulatory compliance is paramount in the food industry. It not only ensures the health and well-being of consumers but also safeguards the reputation of businesses. FSSAI verification plays a pivotal role in this context, as it requires businesses and merchants involved in the food supply chain to undergo the necessary certification process and demonstrate their commitment to food safety standards.

FSSAI verification is not merely a legal obligation but a critical step in upholding the safety and quality of food products. Food businesses engaged with stakeholders such as merchants, suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, distributors, and producers rely on the verification process to identify authentic and trustworthy partners. This verification process helps safeguard the supply chain, preventing fraudulent activities and ensuring that only genuine entities are involved in distributing food products.

SignDesk’s FSSAI verification API facilitates food businesses to verify the legitimacy of merchants in real-time while ensuring compliance with FSSAI requirements and maintaining rigorous safety standards.

What is FSSAI Verification?

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India verification ( FSSAI verification ) is a regulatory process implemented by the FSSAI to assess and verify the compliance of food businesses with safety and quality standards by authenticating their FSSAI license.

All food businesses must obtain FSSAI licenses to operate, but the licenses are often fabricated to participate in unauthorized and fraudulent activities related to the food sector, putting public health in danger. FSSAI certification involves thorough inspections, audits, and documentation reviews to ensure that the food products manufactured, processed, stored, and sold by businesses meet the prescribed standards.

Food license verification aims to protect consumers from health hazards from unsafe food practices and promote transparency in the food industry.

For Food Safety and Standards Authority of India verification ( FSSAI verification ), an FSSAI license number is required. The FSSAI license number comprises a 14-digit unique number issued by the FSSAI authorities. The first digit signifies the registration status of the business, while the second and third digits indicate the state code. The fourth and fifth digits represent the year of enrollment, while the sixth, seventh, and eighth digits denote the registrar officer under whom the license is obtained. The remaining digits (nine to fourteen) signify the manufacturer’s permit number. This unique license number structure ensures proper identification and categorization of businesses registered with FSSAI.

Regulations for FSSAI Verification 

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the regulatory body under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare responsible for ensuring food safety and scientific standards for food products in India.  

The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, is a comprehensive legislation that governs the food industry, consolidating various food laws and regulations in the country. The Act provides an extensive framework for regulating the manufacture, storage, distribution, sale, and import of food products in India.

Types of FSSAI Verification

FSSAI licenses are categorized into three types based on the annual turnover of businesses.

  1. Basic License – Applicable to businesses with an annual turnover below 12 lakh rupees
  2. State License – Required for businesses with an annual turnover exceeding 12 lakh rupees but below 20 crores. 
  3. Central License – Applicable to businesses with an annual turnover exceeding 20 crores.


Annual Turnover

Basic License

Below 12 Lakh Rupees

State License

12 Lakh to 20 Crores

Central License

Above 20 Crores

FSSAI licenses are initially issued for a period of 5 years. Businesses need to renew their license after this period. To renew the license, businesses must provide the required FSSAI license documents and pay the applicable FSSAI license fees.

Why is FSSAI Verification Required?

FSSAI number verification holds immense significance for both businesses and consumers. For businesses, conducting FSSAI verification is essential for legal compliance, onboarding legitimate merchants, and building consumer trust.

It is committed to maintaining high-quality standards, enhancing its reputation and market credibility. On the other hand, consumers benefit from FSSAI verification as it assures them that the food products they consume are safe, hygienic, and meet the prescribed quality standards.

FSSAI Verification: Who is Legally Required to be Verified?

FSSAI verification is mandatory when partnering with any food business operating in India. This includes food manufacturers, processors, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and online food delivery platforms.

Whether it is a small-scale food establishment or a large food processing unit, obtaining FSSAI certification is a legal requirement to ensure compliance with food safety regulations.

  1. Mandatory FSSAI Verification:

– Essential for Food Business Operators (FBOs)

– FSSAI verification is mandatory for all FBOs involved in the manufacturing, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, and distribution of food products.

– FBOs must obtain an FSSAI license or registration, depending on the scale and nature of their operations.

  1. Restaurants and Food Service Establishments

– Restaurants, hotels, cafes, canteens, food stalls, and other food service establishments require FSSAI number verification.

– This ensures they meet food safety standards and guidelines to protect consumer health.

  1. Food Manufacturers and Processors:

– It ensures compliance with hygiene, quality, and safety regulations during the production and processing of food products.

  1. Food Packaging and Storage Facilities:

– These ensure proper handling, storage conditions, and labeling of food products to maintain their quality and prevent contamination.

  1. Food Importers and Exporters:

– This helps regulate the safety and quality of imported and exported food items to protect consumers within and abroad.

  1. Online Food Delivery Platforms:

– Online platforms that facilitate food delivery services must have FSSAI number verification.

– This ensures that the food offered through these platforms complies with food safety regulations and quality standards.

  1. Caterers and Food Event Organizers:

 – Catering services and organizers of food events, such as weddings, parties, and conferences, need FSSAI certificate verification.

– This guarantees that the food provided during such events meets the necessary hygiene and safety requirements.

  1. Food Transporters and Distributors:

– Those transporting and distributing food products, including logistics providers, need Food license verification.

– This ensures the food is transported under appropriate conditions and maintains its safety and quality during transit.

  1. Food Retailers and Grocery Stores

– Retailers and grocery stores selling food products must have FSSAI number verification.

– This ensures that the food items they sell comply with food safety standards and are safe for consumption.

  1. Street Food Vendors and Hawkers

– Street food vendors and hawkers must also undergo FSSAI number verification.

– This helps regulate the hygiene and quality of the food sold on the streets, ensuring consumer safety.

Optimize Merchant Onboarding with the FSSAI Verification API

By leveraging the FSSAI verification API, you can verify the authenticity of businesses operating in the food industry and onboard merchants, reassured that they are authorized to engage in food product manufacturing, storage, distribution, or export activities. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency, reduces risk, and fosters a trustworthy relationship with your merchants in the food industry.

Steps Involved in FSSAI Verification:

Food license verification using the FSSAI verification API involves the following steps:

  • Input: Enter a 14-digit FSSAI license number to commence the verification process
  • Verification: The FSSAI API fetches and verifies the submitted data in the entity database against the details obtained from the food business during onboarding.
  • Data Extraction: Optionally, the API uses OCR technology to extract data from the FSSAI license and cross-verifies these against the FSSAI database to authenticate its legitimacy.
  • Output: The API displays verified information, such as the entity’s name, registered address, license type & status, in its output.
  • Feedback and Compliance: Based on the verification results, businesses receive feedback on any discrepancies or non-compliance. They must address these issues and make the necessary improvements to ensure compliance.

Features of FSSAI Verification API

The FSSAI certificate verification API facilitates swift digital KYC verification for food-related businesses on online platforms. By leveraging this API, businesses can complete the verification process within minutes, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

The API verification method offers convenience through a streamlined and secure process, requiring minimal details while maintaining data security. This approach ensures prompt compliance with FSSAI regulations for businesses in the food industry.

  • Real-time License Validation: Our FSSAI verification API operates on a real-time digital platform by verifying FSSAI licenses online, guaranteeing businesses’ authenticity while effectively preventing fraud and illegal activities. 
  • Easy Integrations: The FSSAI Verification API can seamlessly integrate into existing business systems and platforms. It offers flexible integration options, allowing businesses to incorporate a quicker, easier, and more streamlined verification process into their workflows, reducing paperwork and manual interventions with remote authorization.
  • Bulk Verification Capability: The FSSAI verification API allows businesses to verify multiple merchants simultaneously by automating the validation process in bulk for many FSSAI licenses, making it scalable to accommodate businesses of different sizes and operational demands.
  • Fast & Secure Data Transmission: By conducting instant online verification, the FSSAI API facilitates seamless and secure interactions between businesses and the FSSAI database, eliminating unnecessary delays and promoting heightened security & operational efficiency. It utilizes encryption protocols and follows strict security measures to protect sensitive information, ensuring that data remains confidential and secure.
  • Low Code Digital Platform: By leveraging our low code API platform, businesses can enable faster application deployment with multiple merchants of any level, integration, and customization, allowing accelerated development cycles & increased productivity with minimal coding efforts.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our FSSAI verification API features a user-friendly interface simplifying food license verification. Businesses can easily navigate the system, input the necessary license details, check status, and retrieve verification results conveniently.
  • Customizable API Solutions: Businesses can customize the FSSAI certificate verification API to meet their specific requirements. They can adapt the API to suit their workflows, integrate additional features, or tailor it to meet their unique verification needs.
  •  Audit Trail and Monitoring Functionality: The FSSAI number verification API maintains an audit trail, documenting the verification process and recording all activities. It also offers reporting and monitoring functionality. It enables businesses to generate reports on verification outcomes, compliance status for internal analysis and receive automated updates for milestone obligations.

Advantages of Implementing FSSAI API Verification

The FSSAI Verification API is a powerful tool that enables businesses to verify the authenticity of FSSAI licenses and ensure compliance with food safety regulations. By integrating this API into the systems, businesses can streamline their verification processes, enhance operational efficiency, and uphold the integrity of the food industry.

  • Enhanced Compliance: The FSSAI certificate online verification API facilitates adherence to FSSAI regulations by ensuring that only verified merchants are onboarded with accurate and up-to-date information about the status and validity of FSSAI licenses. It helps businesses maintain regulatory compliance by ensuring their food products meet the prescribed safety and quality standards. 
  • Risk Mitigation: By verifying the authenticity of FSSAI licenses and ensuring compliance, FSSAI API helps businesses prevent unauthorized and substandard food products from entering the supply chain. The API’s robust verification process helps maintain the integrity of the food industry, safeguarding businesses from reputational damage and legal repercussions associated with fraud and non-compliance. 
  • Scalability & Transparency: The FSSAI API verification system can manage multiple verification requests for many FSSAI licenses, streamlining the verification process on its transparent digital platform. t is particularly useful for businesses working with extensive supplier lists, partner networks, or vendor databases, providing an efficient and scalable solution for FSSAI license checks.
  • Improved Customer Trust: FSSAI certification obtained through the API verification process demonstrates a commitment to food safety and compliance, fostering trust among customers, partners, and stakeholders in the food products, ultimately benefiting businesses in terms of customer loyalty and market reputation.
  • Smooth Onboarding Experience: The FSSAI number verification API verifies the authentic FSSAI licenses and legitimate merchants during onboarding. The streamlined verification process promotes a smoother onboarding journey for both the business and the entity being onboarded, allowing businesses to establish partnerships and collaborations quickly and confidently. 

Streamline Food Business Operations with SignDesk’s FSSAI Verification API

Our FSSAI Verification API offers bulk verification for merchants, enabling businesses to enhance their operations using real-time authentication. Our digital API platform offers numerous benefits, including faster processing, reduced paperwork, and enhanced accuracy, creating a safer and more transparent food industry for businesses and consumers.

Integrate your business with the FSSAI Verification API today to optimize your merchant verification process, save time and resources, and ensure compliance with food safety regulations. Take a step towards a safer food ecosystem!