4 ways eSignature helps grow your business

Transforming documentation workflow with eSignature

The dim view about eSigning an online document is getting brighter by the day. Just like mobile phones took over the telegram industry, the eSignature has started to eliminate the need for many paper-based processes in modern business.

With awareness kicking in, many Indian businesses have started to reap in the benefits. Saving time, operational costs and added security to the documents are a few virtues of the eSignature. Some other variations of eSignatures are pdf eSignature, digital signature, and esign aadhaar

The United Nations proposed the use of eSignatures in the year 1996. Most countries have adopted the inventive facility since then. In the year 2000,  India was one of the first countries to validate the use of eSignature. With the introduction of Aadhar cards, aadhaar eSign came to be implemented as well. Customers can link aadhaar to eSign and enable a secure documentation workflow. 

eSign and business

eSignature for Business Growth

Businesses using the eSignature facility  find their business  improves radically in these ways:

1. Adds additional security layers

eSignatures are powered by AI and backed by high-end encryption, so no unauthorized person can sign the documents, or change the contents of the documents. If the content of the document is tampered with in any way, then it is rendered invalid and cannot be signed. An electronic signature consists of a special private key that only the signer who has been invited to sign the documents holds. The digital signature with Aadhar-based eSign adds an additional security layer, as it involves generating an OTP sent to the registered number to get the party’s signature. 

So eSign and digital signatures are much secure than physical signatures, where they cannot be proved wrong in court in case of legal issues.

2. Save a significant amount of time & costs

Electronic signatures are a lot faster, as parties can sign documents online from anywhere at any time. That significantly reduces the time taken to complete the documentation process by eliminating the dependency on logistics and manual tasks. eSign slashes TAT by 99%, enabling businesses to save time significantly. Additionally, it also reduces associated administrative costs by 85-90%.

3. Enhances business productivity

Businesses that utilize eSignatures and digital signatures experience a boost in productivity than the ones that stick to physical signatures. By saving time & costs, businesses can improve their workflow process, simplify it, and digitize it.

4. Increases Profitability

An increase in productivity may not essentially mean increased profitability. Electronic signatures, however, decrease the turnaround time of many processes while reducing the costs of various inventory. For a  business where time is money,`  eSignatures clearly save massive capital thereby boosting profitability.

eSignature For Business – The Future

Anything that a business sets to achieve can be helped by such developments as the electronic signature. In a large country like India where the economy is ever friendly to vertical as well as horizontal growth, inventive technologies like the Aadhaar based eSign definitely are a much welcome asset. The vast use of the internet has played a vital role in this development.

Bill Gates said it best, “The internet is now the town square for the global village of tomorrow.

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