Stamp Duty Payment in India #8 Rajasthan Stamp Paper

Rajasthan Stamp Paper: A Quick Overview

Rajasthan Stamp paper for businesses

The payment of stamp duty is essential for any business transactions that include legally binding documents operating inside the state of Rajasthan. Stamp duty is a tax levied by the government for purchasing stamp papers and making them legally valid. It is an important source of revenue for the Government of Rajasthan and is collected to authenticate the registration, transfer, or sale/purchase of real estate or assets like immovable properties and deeds with financial obligation, as per the Registration Act, 1908.

Without a legally valid stamp paper, one cannot seek legal remedy and support in case of a lawsuit. Stamp duty acts as proof or confirmation of the electronic exchange of information from an authentic source and a safety measure to mitigate counterfeits and fraud. Legally valid Rajasthan stamp paper is admissible as evidence in a court of law in the state.

Other than the conventional way to pay stamp duty, paying stamp duty online has emerged as a convenient alternative to pay stamp duty. The Indian government established an e-Stamping service in July 2013. Rajasthan Government launched the eStamping facility in September 2016.

The Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL) is the country’s Central Record-keeping Agency (CRA) for all eStamps, whereas Rajasthan & Stamps Department is responsible for Rajasthan stamp duty within the state. One must obtain valid Rajasthan stamp papers from authorized vendors or the treasury for the stamping process.

Organizations need smart stamping solutions for large-scale business documentation to create and execute legally valid documents. Making Rajasthan stamp duty payment online by purchasing eStamp papers is a convenient, easy, and smart way for business organizations to ensure all procured documents are legally valid.

Rajasthan Stamp Act 1998

For stamping and stamp duty payment, the central government has the Indian Stamp Act, 1899. But stamp duty varies from state to state. Rajasthan state government levies stamp duty according to Rajasthan Stamp Act, 1998, and Rajasthan Stamp Rules, 2004. The latest amendment to the stamps Act in Rajasthan was made in 2016 through the Rajasthan Finance Bill 2015 issued by the Department of Finance (Tax Division).

Which Documents Can Be Stamped In Rajasthan?

The Rajasthan Stamp Act 1998 states the required instrument names to be stamped.

Here we have listed the important documents for which the Rajasthan state government needs to procure  Rajasthan stamp papers, and Rajasthan stamp duty needs to be paid.

  • Acknowledgement
  • Administration Bond
  • Adoption Deed
  • Affidavit
  • Agreement or Memorandum of an Agreement
  • Appraisement or Valuation
  • Apprenticeship Deed
  • Bill of Exchange
  • Customs Bond
  • Conveyance Deed
  • Instruments on Movable and Immovable assets
  • Leave and License Agreement
  • Loan Agreement
  • License Agreement
  • Lease Deed
  • Mortgage
  • Notarial Act
  • Partition
  • Partnership
  • Promissory Note
  • Power of Attorney
  • Release
  • Settlement
  • Transfer Deed
  • Trust

Stamping Facilities Available In Rajasthan

Chapter III & IV, Rajasthan Stamp Rules, 2004, state details about impressed and adhesive stamps and the different types of stamping available in Rajasthan. These include –

  • Impressed stamps superimposed with the word “Rajasthan”
  • Adhesive stamps superimposed with the word “Rajasthan”; or with the letters “RAJ”.
  • Hundi – Hundi papers are used for the transaction of promissory notes or bills of exchange with an adhesive stamp under section 11 bearing the words “hundi” engraved or embossed and written on paper supplied for sale by the Government.
  • Franking Machine – The franking machines are used for the franking impression of stamps on all kinds of instruments on which Rajasthan stamp duty is payable under the provisions of the Act. 
  • E-Stamping – The e-Stamping facility is available in Rajasthan through SHCIL and SHCIL-partnered SignDesk, an eStamping solution provider. The e-Stamping process enables individuals and businesses to pay Rajasthan stamp duty online and eStamp paper procurement.

Online Stamp Paper Procurement In Rajasthan

Purchasing stamp papers manually from licensed vendors is an inefficient method to procure stamp papers. Instead, individuals or businesses can place orders electronically through eStamping service providers for the required denominations After the order is received, the order details are fetched and extracted through excel and then shared with the respective vendors in the state.

Vendors cross-verify the order details before proceeding with the order. The vendors then fulfill the order and deliver the stamp papers. SignDesk approves the details, and the copies are printed and scanned. Scanned copies are uploaded in the eStamping tool.

The conventional stamping process is time-consuming and cost-effective, with the risks of physical damage, data loss & fabrication. The e-Stamping process is a smart solution for businesses like the finance, banking, and insurance sectors which regularly require several batches of documents to be stamped in quick succession.

How To E-Stamp A Document In Rajasthan

Users can follow a few easy steps to pay stamp duty online and procure stamp papers in Rajasthan.

With the eStamping procedure, one need not search for licensed vendors. SignDesk is partnered with authorized vendors and streamlines procuring Rajasthan stamp paper on its digital platform.

Rajasthan Stamp Paper - E-Stamping Workflow


  • Log In – The user logs in to the SignDesk eStamping portal using valid credentials.
  • Upload – In the next step, the user uploads the required documents that need to be stamped. Alternatively, SignDesk provides the option to draft the document instantly with pre-configured templates. 
  • Input Data: The user provides relevant information that includes the document name, stamp paper type, names of the stakeholders, stamp paper denominations, state where it is taking place, etc. 
  • Pay Stamp Duty: The user pays the stamp duty online using online payment methods. The user can use multiple payment methods to make the payment, such as net banking, credit or debit cards, cheques, pay orders, Account to Account transfer, NEFT, RTGS, or demand draft (DD).
  • Document Is e-Stamped: Upon completion of stamp duty payment, the uploaded document is merged with the Rajasthan Stamp paper.
  • eSign the Document: The user can opt for e-Signature and inputs the signee details like email IDs to invite them to eSign the digitally stamped documents.
  • Download Stamped Document: After the eSigning is complete, all the stakeholders can download the e-Stamped agreement.

Inter-State Estamping Solution For Businesses

The inter-state stamping challenge that businesses usually face is the differential stamp duty payment for both states complying with both states’ stamping regulations if a business is conducting operations in multiple states.

SignDesk’s solution allows businesses to make differential stamp duty payments if the stamp duty charges differ in both states.

Pay Rajasthan Stamp Duty Online With Digital Stamping

Real-time eStamping solutions to streamline legally compliant stamping workflow and online stamp duty payment in bulk, ensuring quick delivery of stamped documents and smooth customer journeys.

  • Instant Stamping in Bulk – The stamping process is completed within 5-10 minutes, streamlining bulk documentation and stamp duty payment.
  • E-Stamping Automation – Businesses can manage stamping documentation and Rajasthan Stamp Paper procurement easily with the eStamping solution by tracking the status of agreements in real-time and managing documents on a smart eStamping dashboard. 
  • Real-time Stamp Duty PaymentUsing the eStamping tool, businesses can make real-time stamp duty payments online effortlessly without any paperwork or standing in a long queue.
  • Secure Digital OptionE-Stamp certificates are tamper-proof and safeguard businesses in case of lawsuits. The security level of the stamped document is heightened to pose zero threats & risk of fraud for businesses.
  • Stamp AuthenticationA UIN or Unique Identification Number is generated & mentioned on the eStamp certificate, enabling easy verification of the document’s authenticity using a QR code printed on the stamp certificate. Businesses can verify the authenticity of any e Stamped document on the SHCIL website using its UIN or by simply scanning the respective QR-codes. Streamline Stamp Paper Procurement From End-To-End

SignDesk, an award-winning globally recognized SaaS-based solution provider, offers document automation solutions powered by AI & ML technology to help businesses transform their workflows. SignDesk’s innovative eStamping tool,” provides a smart & streamlined solution to digitize stamp duty payment & boost process governance.

SignDesk’s eStamping services are available in 25+ states and UTs in India, including Rajasthan. Businesses in Rajasthan can easily get their documents and agreements eStamped paying stamp duty online from anywhere in India with fast Rajasthan stamp paper procurement.

SignDesk also offers stamping services in multiple states across India. Whether you’re looking for seamless digital stamping, e-stamping, or traditional stamping solutions, SignDesk has you covered. For more information on our e-stamping services and to explore how we can simplify your stamping processes, check out these articles:

Businesses can use template libraries to accelerate drafting, track document & stamp status online in real-time, get documents eStamped in bulk, and receive custom alerts to manage process milestones.

Get in touch with our team of solution consultants and start creating accelerated stamping cycles today!

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