Punjab Stamp Paper: A Comprehensive Guide

Stamping is the act of affixing a designated revenue stamp to a document to make it legally binding. In Punjab, stamping documents is a crucial legal requirement that validates the authenticity and legality of various transactions, as well as to generate revenue for the government.

Stamp duty is a state or regional tax on documents that makes them legally valid and enforceable. It ensures transaction legality and safeguards the parties’ interests. Accurate payment is crucial to avoid legal issues or document invalidation.

With the advancement of technology, traditional stamping methods have evolved, offering businesses and individuals more convenient and efficient ways to fulfill their legal obligations. Businesses can optimize the e Stamping process and pay stamp duty online for smooth transactions and inter-state operations.

Stamping Facilities Available in Punjab

Earlier, individuals paid stamp duties by acquiring Punjab stamp papers from authorized vendors or the Government treasury while registering deeds. However, to enhance efficiency and curb revenue losses, the Punjab government has significantly eliminated physical stamp papers.

The Department of Revenue, Rehabilitation, & Disaster Management, Government of Punjab, has inaugurated the ‘e-stamp facility,’ a streamlined process for paying stamp duty online that now allows individuals to obtain Punjab e Stamp paper of any denomination through the ‘e-stamp’ system.

  • Introduction of the E-Stamping Facility : The e-stamping can be done through computerized print-outs obtained from authorized stamp vendors or banks designated by the State government, generating an e-stamp certificate that is equivalent to physical stamp papers.
  • Online Stamp Duty Payment : With the eStamping Punjab facility, parties involved can pay stamp duty online, ensuring that the correct amount of stamp duty is paid on the document.

Punjab Stamp Act Regulations

The State Stamp Act of Punjab drew its foundation from the Indian Stamp Act, 1889. Notably, the Punjab Stamp Rules of 1934 marked a significant milestone, encompassing regulations related to stamp refund, renewal, disposal, audit control, stamp supply, and accounting, among other vital aspects. The Union Territory of Chandigarh follows the India Stamp (Punjab Amendment) Act 1994.

  • Amendments : Like many other state-level stamp acts, the Punjab Stamp Act has undergone numerous revisions, rules, and amendments over the past century to align with changing legal and economic scenarios. The Indian Stamp (Punjab Amendment) Act 2019 is the latest amendment that the Punjab Stamp Act adheres to.
  • Scope of the Act : The Punjab Stamp Act applies to a wide range of documents, including property deeds, lease agreements, promissory notes, bills of exchange, sale agreements, gift deeds, and various other legal instruments. The Act specifies the rates of stamp duty applicable to different types of documents.
  • Penalties for Non-Payment : Failure to pay the required stamp duty can lead to legal consequences. The document may not be considered valid, and penalties may be imposed for non-compliance.
  • Stamp Duty Rates : The Act prescribes the rates at which stamp duty should be paid on various documents. These rates can vary depending on the type of document, its value, and the purpose of the transaction. The government periodically revises these rates.

Document wise detail of Stamp Duty, Registration Fee and Facilitation charges

Deed NameStamp DutyRegistration FeeFacilation Charges
Sale/ Gift 5% of the Consideration amount + 1 % of SIC (Social Infrastructure Cess)1 % of the Consideration amount (Max. Rs. 2 lac ) Rs.1000/- (for Consideration amount upto to 10 lacs), Rs.3000/- (for Consideration amount between 10 lacs to 30 lacs), and Rs.5000/- (for Consideration amount above 30 lacs)
Transfer of PropertyNilNilRs. 500/-
General Power of Attorney (upto 5 people)Rs. 2000/-Rs. 400/-Rs. 2000/-
General Power of Attorney (more than 5 people)Rs. 4000/-Rs. 400/-Rs. 2000/-
Special Power of Attorney Rs.1000/- Rs. 100/- Rs. 2000/-Rs.1000/- Rs. 100/- Rs. 2000/-
Cancellation of GPA Rs.1000/- Rs. 400/- Rs. 2000/- 
Cancellation of SPA Rs. 500/-Rs. 100/-Rs. 2000/-
Mortgage Deed (without Possession) 4% of the Consideration amount 1 % of the Consideration amount (Max. Rs. 2 lac )Rs. 1000/- 
Mortgage Deed (with Possession) 4% of the Consideration amount 1 % of the Consideration amount (Max. Rs. 2 lac ) Rs. 500/- 
Will/ Cancellation of Will Nil Rs. 4000/-Rs. 500/- 


  • Consideration amount means Consideration amount or Collector rate, whichever is higher.
  • Mutation Fee – Rs. 600/- where ever required
  • Pasting Fee – Rs. 200/- applicable to all the documents

E-Stamping: Transforming Stamp Duty Collection in Punjab

In partnership with the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), the Board of Revenue in Punjab has embarked on a digitization mission with an innovative method for collecting stamp duty through online e-stamping Punjab. Individuals now have the convenience of visiting any Bank of Punjab branch to make stamp duty payments.

The traditional paper-based system has been transitioned to an online stamp paper Punjab platform, which has been introduced gradually throughout Punjab. This transition has greatly simplified the process for business organizations property, eliminating the need for lengthy wait times when obtaining eStamping Punjab papers. This initiative has transformed the once time-consuming two to three-day process into a highly efficient and rapid online system.

How to Procure Online Stamp Paper Punjab?

For businesses operating across state borders, eStamping has emerged as a boon. Traditional Punjab stamp papers are often not feasible for such operations due to logistical challenges. eStamping offers a digital alternative that is valid across states, simplifying complex paperwork and ensuring compliance.

The Punjab Revenue Board has set Stamp Duty charges, Registration fees, and Facilitation charges for the stamping process throughout the state, adhering to the Punjab Stamp Act and regulations. In Punjab, eStamping for legal documentation is processed through many stages, such as Registration, Application, Stamp Duty payment, and eStamp Certificate Verification.

Can Businesses use eStamping for inter-state operations?

E-stamping is a digital method of paying stamp duty and generating online eStamp certificates that are applicable for inter-state operations of businesses throughout India. When a company operates across state borders in India, it’s crucial to ensure that the relevant documents are stamped in each of those states. Organizations in India can seamlessly streamline digital stamping to simplify the stamping process and make it more efficient.

  • Differential Stamp Duty Payment E-stamping allows businesses to make stamp duty payments online. Businesses based in one state and involved in transactions or operations in another state can pay the required stamp duty electronically and remotely. When the stamp duty rate in one state differs from the rate in another, businesses are obligated to pay the differential stamp duty, which is essentially the variance between the stamp duty amounts for the two states involved.
  • Uniform Validity : E-stamp certificates generated through this process are typically valid across states, which makes them suitable for inter-state transactions.
  • Reduced Compliance Hassles : Using e-stamping for inter-state operations reduces the administrative burden of dealing with physical stamp papers, which can be challenging when conducting business across state borders.
  • Enhanced Efficiency : E-stamping is generally faster and more efficient than traditional stamp paper-based processes, which can help expedite inter-state business operations.

Explore Alternative Approaches to Stamp Duty Payments for Business

The traditional stamping process often involves delays due to administrative processes and physical paperwork. SignDesk’s solution expedites business operations by offering instant digital stamping, ensuring that transactions are executed promptly. Experience a hassle-free eStamping process with SignDesk, eliminating the need to search for licensed vendors.

Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough:


  1. Log In : Log in to the SignDesk eStamping portal using your valid credentials.
  2. Upload Documents : In the next step, effortlessly upload the necessary documents that require stamping. Alternatively, SignDesk offers the option to swiftly draft documents using pre-configured templates.
  3. Input Relevant Data : Provide essential information, including the document name, stamp paper type, names of stakeholders, stamp paper denominations, and the state where the transaction is taking place, among other details.
  4. Pay Stamp Duty : Make the stamp duty payment online using various convenient payment methods. Options include net banking, credit or debit cards, cheques, pay orders, Account to Account transfer, NEFT, RTGS, or demand drafts (DD).
  5. e-Stamping : Upon successful stamp duty payment, your uploaded document is seamlessly merged with the Punjab Stamp Paper, creating a legally stamped agreement.
  6. e-Signature : Opt for e-Signature and input the signee details, such as email IDs, to invite stakeholders to electronically sign the digitally stamped documents.
  7. Download Stamped Document : Once e-Signing is complete, all concerned parties can easily download the fully e-Stamped agreement. This streamlined process ensures efficiency and legality at every step of your eStamping journey.

Efficient Real-Time eStamping Solutions for Bulk Stamp Duty Payments

  1. Instant Bulk Stamping – Complete bulk stamping processes in just 5-10 minutes, ensuring swift documentation and stamp duty payment.
  2. E-Stamping Automation – Seamlessly manage stamping documentation and Punjab Stamp Paper procurement through our eStamping solution. Track agreement statuses in real-time and efficiently handle documents on our intelligent eStamping dashboard.
  3. Real-Time Stamp Duty Payment – Effortlessly make real-time online stamp duty payments with our eStamping tool, eliminating the need for paperwork and long queues.
  4. Secure Digital Option – Our tamper-proof e-Stamp certificates offer heightened document security, providing businesses with protection in legal matters. There are zero threats or risks of fraud.
  5. Stamp Authentication – Each eStamp certificate includes a Unique Identification Number (UIN) and a QR code for easy document authenticity verification. Businesses can verify eStamped documents on the SHCIL website using the UIN or by scanning the QR code.”

Benefits of eStamping Solution

  1. Time Efficiency : SignDesk’s digital stamping solution eliminates the need for time-consuming visits to physical stamp offices. With instant digital stamping, you can save valuable time, allowing for faster document processing.
  2. Cost Savings : Say goodbye to the costs associated with purchasing physical stamp papers. SignDesk’s digital stamping solution reduces expenses related to traditional stamping methods, making it a cost-effective alternative.
  3. Accessibility : Sign, stamp, and authenticate documents from anywhere with an internet connection. This accessibility empowers users to complete stamping processes conveniently, whether they are in the office, at home, or on the go.
  4. Security : Our digital stamping solution offers robust security features, ensuring the integrity of your documents and protecting them from unauthorized alterations.
  5. Compliance : Stamping regulations can be complex and vary from region to region. SignDesk’s solution is designed to keep you in compliance with local stamping regulations, reducing the risk of legal complications.
  6. Convenience : Streamline your stamping process with a user-friendly, digital platform. SignDesk’s solution simplifies the entire stamping workflow, making it easier and more efficient for businesses and individuals alike.

SignDesk eStamping Solution in Punjab

SignDesk’s “stamp.it” is a digital stamping solution that allows users to stamp documents electronically from anywhere. It eliminates the need for physical stamp papers and the associated hassles. Through a secure and user-friendly digital platform, the eStamping solution enables users to generate digitally stamped documents, making the entire process faster and more convenient.

SignDesk also offers stamping services in multiple states across India. Whether you’re looking for seamless digital stamping, e-stamping, or traditional stamping solutions, SignDesk has you covered. For more information on our e-stamping services and to explore how we can simplify your stamping processes, check out these articles:

With its cutting-edge Stamping Solution, SignDesk offers businesses and individuals a seamless and efficient way to fulfill stamp duty requirements. Let’s explore the features and benefits