Stamp Duty in India Series: #5 Uttar Pradesh Stamp Paper

Uttar Pradesh Stamp Paper – An Overview

Everything about Uttar Pradesh Stamp Paper

The payment of stamp duty for the purchase of Uttar Pradesh stamp papers is required for any business operating inside the state of Uttar Pradesh.

An e Stamp, which can be seen on a digitally stamped document, acts as proof of stamp duty payment as well as confirmation that a document or other item of information delivered electronically came from the institution that sent it.

Ensuring that the appropriate stamp duty is paid to the government via e-stamp online using the Uttar Pradesh stamping system renders a contract legally valid. The purchase of stamp papers in Uttar Pradesh validates transactions and makes contracts admissible as evidence in courts of law in the state.

The owner of a property or land in Uttar Pradesh must obtain non-judicial stamp paper from an authorized seller or the Treasury. The property transaction details will be entered on the Uttar Pradesh e-stamp papers after they are purchased.

In case of any agreement undertaken between individuals or entities in Uttar Pradesh, e stamp paper may be purchased online using e Stamping solutions.

Which Documents can be Stamped in Uttar Pradesh?

UP stamp paper is valid for all documents subject to stamp duty. The Uttar Pradesh Stamp Act covers the documents for which Uttar Pradesh stamp paper is required.

These documents include –

  • Transfer documents, such as sale deeds
  • Sales & commercial agreements
  • Mortgage deeds
  • Exchange deeds
  • Gift deeds
  • Conveyance Deeds
  • Power of Attorney
  • Deed of Partition
  • Lease deeds
  • Agreement of tenancy,
  • Leave and license agreements

The stamp duty for e stamp paper online Uttar Pradesh Property registration can be understood from the table below:

Sl.NoType of DeedStamp Duty Charges
1Sale Deed7%
2Gift DeedRs. 60 to Rs.125
3Lease DeedRs. 200
4Will deedRs. 200
5Conveyance DeedRs. 60 to Rs.125


Paying Stamp Duty and Stamping Documents in Uttar Pradesh

Stamp papers in Uttar Pradesh are purchased by paying the appropriate stamp duty. Stamp paper payment can be made in UP in the following ways.

  • Cash
  • DD (Demand Draft)
  • NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Pay Order
  • RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement)
  • Account to Account Transfer

The payment of stamp duty in Uttar Pradesh stamp paper can be carried out offline or online.

Offline Stamp Paper Procurement 

Businesses have the option of paying stamp duty and registration money offline. This involves manually procuring UP stamp paper for which there are two types of procedures

Physical Stamp Paper:

  • Travel to the nearest offices of the Stock Holding Corporation of India (SHCIL) . Offices in Ghaziabad, Noida, and Greater Noida in the National Capital Region (NCR) act as the authority of stamp paper in Uttar Pradesh. Alternatively, approach a registered stamp paper vendor in Uttar Pradesh to purchase stamp papers.
  • Pay the vendor up-front to receive batches of the required UP stamp paper. In case of SHCIL, complete the payment online and submit your receipt to receive the required stamp papers.


  • Approach any bank or post office with a registered franking machine and pay the stamp duty upfront manually
  • Provide documents to the official and get them franked. Transport these franked documents back to the offices.

Both these procedures for buying stamp papers in UP cause logistical challenges for businesses and result in long turnaround times for agreement execution.

Businesses typically spend weeks getting documents stamped manually. This process also frequently results in excessive costs, misplaced documents, and loss of efficiency due to a reliance on teams of employees to go out into the field and make stamp paper purchases.

An alternative is to buy e stamp papers online in Uttar Pradesh. The process for purchasing e stamp papers in UP involves the online payment of stamp duty, followed by eStamping.

Online eStamping Procedure In Uttar Pradesh 

It’s possible to buy UP stamp paper online for both businesses and individuals. The procedure of paying duty for Uttar Pradesh stamp paper online helps any user or applicant to save a lot of time by a user through certain steps.

The process for obtaining e stamp papers online in UP using a digital stamping platform involves the following steps –

Stamping in India Series #5 Uttar Pradesh Stamp Paper - Process

Step 1: Draft Documents

Upload agreements in bulk onto the platform or use templates to instantly draft documents. The document status is tracked in real time on a smart dashboard to maintain process visibility for stamping.

Step 2: Enter Stamping Details

Enter key stamping details such as first & second party names, stamp denominations required, stamping state, type of document & more. Preview the document once these details are entered and proceed for stamp duty payment.

Step 3: Make Stamp Duty Payment

Use an integrated digital wallet to pay the required stamp duty amount online. Stamp duty rates are calculated automatically according to state government regulations to ensure compliance with state stamping laws.

Step 4:Download e Stamped Documents

Once payment is made, the documents are e Stamped by merging them with stamp papers. Each stamp paper has its own QR code to verify the details of the e Stamping process. Download these eStamped documents for reference or proceed for eSignatures via eSign integration capabilities.

The Uttar Pradesh e-Stamp Certificate will be generated and sent to the applicant once the stamp duty has been paid.

The certificate can also be obtained from the online portal for e-stamp papers in Lucknow and other branches.

The e Stamp certificate is merged with UP stamp paper to create a legally valid eStamped document for download. Every page of the eStamped document will additionally feature a “stamp legend” to indicate that UP stamp paper has been consumed.

To register property in Uttar Pradesh, take the Uttar Pradesh e-Stamping Certificate and the deed to the appropriate registration office.

SignDesk in Uttar Pradesh helps in the procurement of digital stamp paper and stamp duty for the ones who require it is the third party between the borrower and the supplier.

The Benefits of e Stamping For Uttar Pradesh Stamp Paper 

e Stamp uses in businesses and online stamp duty payment makes it easier for businesses to perform the essential activity of purchasing stamp paper every time they execute a contract.

When businesses pay stamp duty to the government in order to complete a transaction, it serves as proof of that transaction.

Electronic stamping provides a quick and effective way for firms to get their documents stamped quickly.

e Stamping is simple to use and makes the transaction document tamper-proof. The process also serves as confirmation that the user paid the applicable stamp duty to the UP state government in order to complete the transaction.

Here are some of the advantages of e Stamping:

  • Online stamp duty payment expedites stamp paper procurement and accelerates document execution.
  • The e Stamping certificate has its own UIN and a QR code, indicating that it is verifiably unique and cannot be tampered with.
  • Digital stamping expedites agreement execution and reduces the cost of documentation.
  • Online procedures such as eStamping are easily scalable, allowing for corporate expansion with minimal overhead costs.
  • Users can choose any stamp denomination, state, or instrument type. This helps ease cross-border transactions for businesses.
  • Stamp duty can be paid online on vendor websites or using a dedicated stamping portal.
  • Printouts of e Stamped documents may be downloaded at any time.

Digital stamping systems have been proved to cut contract TAT by more than 50% and boost corporate efficiency by helping overcome logistical challenges.

Stamp.It: Buy e Stamp Papers Instantly in Uttar Pradesh

e Stamping is a straightforward, convenient, and time-saving service that allows businesses of any size to get contracts stamped and authorized by buying Uttar Pradesh stamp paper. Users can pay stamp duty online and have the e Stamp certificate printed at their leisure.

Stamp.It – SignDesk’s nationally acclaimed eStamping platform has a number of features that help firms speed up their stamping processes, and is operational in 25+ states and UTs. 

SignDesk also offers stamping services in multiple states across India. Whether you’re looking for seamless digital stamping, e-stamping, or traditional stamping solutions, SignDesk has you covered. For more information on our e-stamping services and to explore how we can simplify your stamping processes, check out these articles:

Our digital stamping solution allows businesses to legally validate agreements by providing speedy online stamping and real-time stamp duty payment. Contact us to learn how your company can expedite stamp paper procurement & boost operational efficiency.

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