Stamping In India Series: #1 Karnataka Stamp Paper

Stamping In India - karnataka stamp paper

Stamp Duty – Karnataka Stamp Paper 

Stamp duty payment for the purchase of Karnataka stamp papers is a necessity for the documentation process of any business.

Businesses across India generate several agreements, applications, and legal documentation on a daily basis, each of which needs to be stamped as a matter of legal requirement.

Due to the numerous challenges involved in paying stamp duty manually or via franking, online eStamping is an attractive digital option for businesses to purchase online stamp paper in Karnataka. 

Digital stamping is a valid method to pay stamp duty in Karnataka according to the E-Stamping Rules, 2006; and is now among the most common ways for businesses to eStamp documents online. 

Which Documents Should Be Stamped In Karnataka? 

The Karnataka Stamp Act, 1957 lays out the documents that need to be stamped in Karnataka.

The following documents are among the most important for which Karnataka stamp paper needs to be procured and stamp duty needs to be paid.

  • Transfer of property documents
  • Affidavits
  • Adoption deeds
  • Loan agreements
  • Customs/Excise bonds
  • Shares/Debentures
  • Bills of exchange
  • Conveyance deeds
  • Hire/Purchase orders
  • Promissory Notes
  • Instruments on movable and immovable assets
  • Partnership deeds
  • Gift deeds
  • Tenancy/Rental agreements
  • Agreements of sale
  • Real estate transactions

The stamp duty rates and tariffs are different for each of these documents, for a complete list of stamp duty and registration fees to be paid in Karnataka, go here. 

Most businesses simply do not have the time nor the resources to manually check the state government’s list for stamp duty fees. SignDesk’s digital stamping solution offers an in-built stamp duty calculator so businesses needn’t worry about paying an incorrect amount for stamping.

 How To Pay Stamp Duty & Stamp Documents In Karnataka 

In Karnataka, as in all other Indian states, a document being stamped is synonymous with stamp duty being paid for that document.

This is because, as mentioned above, stamp duty is a tax or fee levied by State governments. A document being stamped indicates that stamp duty has been paid.

According to the crucial stamping laws mandating Karnataka stamp paper and stamp duty payment, there are three major ways for individuals and businesses to pay stamp duty in Karnataka.


Franking in Karnataka is possibly the most familiar method of getting a document stamped. Franking involves the usage of registered franking machines which are used by people with a franking license or government-notarized individuals such as a Sub-Registrar.

 Problems With Franking

Franking is dependent on the distribution of franking machines by the Karnataka state government. While all such machines are manufactured with a unique serial number to keep track of stamp duty payments, this process requires extensive oversight to ensure that stamping fraud is not prevalent.

Due to the scale of stamping undertaken, the required oversight procedures are difficult to implement, often leading to fraud and mismanagement of stamp duty payments.

A better alternative to franking is to purchase e-stamps online in Karnataka since online e-stamping is a legally valid method to pay stamp duty online without having to send documents to be franked.

 Stamp paper purchase 

Manually purchasing stamp papers from licensed vendors is another frequently employed method to procure stamp papers. The process is relatively simple, individuals or businesses place an order with a vendor for the required denominations, which are then delivered by the vendor.

While franking is plagued with its own problems, manually purchasing Karnataka stamp paper is particularly unfeasible for businesses, especially those in the finance and insurance sectors who regularly need documents stamped.

 Problems With Manual Stamp Paper Procurement

Due to dependencies on vendors for stamp paper purchase, the manual procurement of stamp papers in Karnataka is rife with supply chain challenges and frequently results in friction for customer-facing procedures such as loan documentation, onboarding, and more.

Even the process of procurement extends to several days, resulting in businesses over-stretching their time and resources for the simple procedure of getting documents stamped.

Additionally, due to a lack of strong audit trails and document management practices, manual stamp paper procurement is vulnerable to high rates of stamping fraud and stamp duty mismanagement.

Purchasing an estamp online resolves all these challenges and enables hassle-free online stamping for businesses in Karnataka.


eStamping, frequently known as digital stamping is a recently introduced process involving the online payment of stamp duty to purchase e-stamp papers.

In Karnataka, the eStamping process must take place according to the steps prescribed in the Karnataka E-Stamping Rules, 2006.

While the steps will be covered in detail later, the online e-stamp process essentially involves – logging into a digital stamping portal, selecting the required stamp paper denominations, entering the stamping details, uploading the document to be stamped, and making the stamp duty payment online.

The e-stamped document, which is merged with e-stamp papers online, can then be downloaded for reference.

Digital stamping enables businesses to purchase online stamp paper in Karnataka, and expedite the eStamping process.

 eStamping For Businesses In Karnataka 

Businesses in Karnataka need a flexible and real-time solution to pay stamp duty for documents in bulk and ensure quick delivery of stamped documents.

Procuring Karnataka eStamp papers online is a convenient and streamlined way to solve the stamping challenges faced by businesses.

E-Stamping is a legally valid method for businesses to pay stamp duty online in real-time, get documents stamped in bulk, and ensure smooth customer journeys for things like loans, insurance policy agreements, and more.

 Can eStamping Be Used For Inter-State Business? 

If a business is conducting operations that cross state lines in India, the required documents will need to be stamped in both states.

The stamp duty that needs to be paid in this case is known as differential stamp duty.

Businesses will only have to make the differential stamp duty payment if the stamp duty charge for one state is different from the other. In this case, the differential stamp duty to be paid is the difference in stamp duty amounts for the two states.

Read all about differential stamp duty payment here.

 How To eStamp Documents In Karnataka 

The procedure to pay stamp duty online and purchase Karnataka stamp papers online is simple and takes just a few minutes to complete.

  • Step 1: Log into SignDesk

The user logs into SignDesk with credentials

  • Step 2: Place a pre-order

A pre-order is placed to expedite the process

  • Step 3: Upload or create a document

The document to be stamped is uploaded or created using the SignDesk template library 

  • Step 4: Enter stamping details 

Key details such as the names of the parties, stamp state, stamp paper denominations, type of document, etc are entered or auto-filled

  • Step 5: Make the stamp duty payment

The stamp duty payment is made in real-time using a digital wallet 

  • Step 6: E-Stamping

The document is merged with Karnataka stamp paper and a stamping legend is printed on each page to make the document admissible as evidence 

  • Step 7: Proceed for E-Signatures

Once eStamping is complete, the user can optionally invite signers and proceed for eSignatures

  • Step 8: Download stamped & signed document 

The executed document is made available for download 

 eStamping – Advantages For Businesses

Stamping In India Series - karnataka stamp paper

  • Stamping completed in minutes 

The entire eStamping process takes 5-10 minutes to complete. 

  • Documents uploaded & eStamped in bulk

Businesses can create, upload & eStamp multiple documents using SignDesk’s proven stamping pipeline. 

  • No dependencies on manual stamp paper procurement

Businesses needn’t depend on stamp paper vendors to procure stamp papers, and can instead get documents printed on eStamp paper by making quick online payments. 

  • Online tracking and document management   

Executives and managers can stay on top of key documents with SignDesk’s document tracking features, and manage documents based on their status using the smart dashboard. 

  • Zero risk of stamping fraud 

With online stamp duty payments & the purchase of eStamp papers, the risk of stamping fraud and human errors are removed or minimized. 

  • Faster loans, efficient processes & happier clients 

Digital stamping enables businesses to get more done quicker. The eStamping process allows for faster onboarding, quick loan disbursals, and satisfied customers. 

Pay Stamp Duty Online Now – Digital Karnataka Stamp Paper

Karnataka stamp paper can be pre-ordered and paid for completely online with SignDesk’s award-winning digital stamping solution. – our flagship online stamping platform enables businesses to upload documents to be eStamped in bulk, create documents using templates, and get every document eStamped & printed on Karnataka eStamp paper. 

SignDesk also offers stamping services in multiple states across India. Whether you’re looking for seamless digital stamping, e-stamping, or traditional stamping solutions, SignDesk has you covered. For more information on our e-stamping services and to explore how we can simplify your stamping processes, check out these articles:

With digital stamping, the entire stamp duty payment process takes just a few minutes and leaves no room for misplaced files, manual errors, or stamp duty fraud.

Book a free demo with us now to see how digital stamping can enhance your business efficiency.

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